Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 13th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aradhana determined to find Kimaya. Reyansh joins her in the car and they drive off together. While on the road, they have a disagreement and continue their journey. Meanwhile, Kimaya questions their destination and Angad replies that they are heading to heaven. Despite her concerns for her worried parents, Angad becomes aggressive and holds her by the neck. As they keep driving, Reyansh receives a call from Vikram asking about their location, but suspects that Angad may have thrown away his phone. Concerned for Aradhana’s reckless driving, Reyansh asks Vikram to share their last known location. In the car, Angad tries to calm down Kimaya by apologizing and offering her water while declaring his love for her. He also reassures her that he has no intentions of letting anyone come between them and asks for her trust in him. However, unknown to Kimaya, Angad is actually planning revenge against her. On the other hand, Reyansh and Aradhana continue their search for Kimaya.

The man tells them that they took water and snacks from here, they took the Mussoorie route. Reyansh calls someone and asks if there is a hotel I can get on an hourly basis. Aradhana scolds Reyansh. He says I didn’t know to respect girls before, but I got you. He recalls their romance. O saajna….plays…

Naresh predicts that Angad will seek retribution, and moments later, Komal unleashes her anger on him with a punch. Thankfully, Arnab intervenes to stop her. Kriti chimes in, commending the action. Soon after, Reyansh and Aradhana make their entrance at the hotel. Reyansh instructs Aradhana to adorn a particular shade of lipstick for their scheme to secure a room. She asks where he acquired it from, and he brushes off the question by telling her to let down her hair and apply the lipstick as per his preference. Meanwhile, Kimaya and Angad are also present at this very hotel. In a loving tone, Angad assures Kimaya that they will always be together while expressing his fondness for this particular place. He then urges her to get ready for their stay here, prompting Kimaya to question why she needs to do so.

After applying the red lipstick, Aradhana turns to Reyansh and asks for his suggestion. He jokingly responds by sprinkling water on her and suggesting that they act as if she is drunk and he is taking advantage of her. She playfully responds by saying she would rather take advantage of him. Playfully tugging at his belt, she prepares to tie it around herself. As they enter the building, Reyansh and Aradhana continue their playful behavior, pretending to be lovers. The receptionist informs them that there are rooms available, to which Reyansh requests a private room for their personal use. Understanding their intentions, the receptionist mentions another couple who had similar needs- Angad and Kimaya. Without any further delay, the man hands over the keys to their room.

Reyansh and Aradhana engage in a heated argument as they make their way to the lift. He insists that he is trying to help her, while she directs him towards the lift with a sharp remark. Inside the lift, their dispute continues with Aradhana taunting him and Reyansh expressing his discontent. Meanwhile, Vikram has located their car at a nearby hotel and urges Angad to hurry up. As Kimaya prepares to accompany Angad, she suggests talking to her mother first but he insists they will involve her parents after the marriage. Concerned about finding their missing loved ones, Aradhana implores Reyansh to focus and remain positive as they search for them.

An argument ensues. She accuses me of making a mistake and vows to never fall for me again. He questions whether he should make her slip up again. The lights suddenly go out. She questions if this was his plan, reminding him that our priority is to save Kimaya. He confirms that it is his plan and reassures her that he will save Kimaya. She reiterates that she needs to save Kimaya. As the lights turn back on, Angad escorts Kimaya onto the roof. She questions why they are there and he responds by saying they will get married under the moonlight. She reminds him of his promise to marry in the temple and expresses her fear at his actions. He reveals his true intentions – to make her his own and seek revenge on her father who had defamed his uncle leading to his suicide – stating that he doesn’t love her.


Aradhana is shocked when Reyansh pushes Kimaya down. He apologizes to her.

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