Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 16th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 16th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Reyansh deleting files from Aradhana’s laptop. Later, at the temple, Aradhana prays for a new identity and a fresh start to her story. Meanwhile, Reyansh plays a video and Sunaina interrupts, questioning Aradhana’s presence in the office again. She warns Aradhana not to create more problems, but Reyansh dismisses her authority and asserts his ownership of the office. Aradhana reveals that the biggest truth of her life is actually a lie. Beena interjects, asking if the man who hurt her was handsome.

Aradhana agrees, while Beena believes that handsome men often feel entitled to do whatever they please and us girls are drawn to them. Aradhana admits she was aware of his issues, but still had feelings for him. Reyansh accuses Aradhana of ruining him by pretending to love him and then meeting her ex. Sunaina chimes in, calling it a dull story and telling him to open his eyes and apologize to Aradhana and her family because he is not the victim. He responds saying she will always support Aradhana, just like their father did. She suggests he ask their father instead of trying to cover up his own mistakes.

His feelings towards me were that I cheated him, he didn’t trust my love, he ruined my life without knowing anything. Beena says that if mind conquered heart, everyone would have been happy. She tells about her husband. They see the rains. Sunaina says you have made up your mind and won’t believe the truth, so get out of here. Sunaina says she lied to me, she went to meet Mayank, she lied to her parents, I took Revati and she lied. He says okay, bye. He leaves.

Beena requests Aradhana to retrieve the umbrellas, and she follows through with the task. In the meantime, a couple approaches them. Meanwhile, Malini’s daughter, Kimaya, engages in a conversation with a guy named Angad. Malini then calls out to her daughter while Beena loads boxes into the car. However, due to Angad’s oversight, he collides with Beena and she falls down. In response to the commotion, Beena screams and Aradhana rushes over to assist her. Meanwhile, Angad reassures Kimaya that Beena is okay before reminding her that it’s their engagement day and they shouldn’t get involved in any conflicts. However, Kimaya expresses her desire to check on Beena, causing Angad to urge her to remain calm.

Aradhana sees the car number. She says I will file a police complaint. Beena says first take me to the hospital, rich people will not stop to help, but if you are staying at my house, you can help me. Beena says you’re mad at finding goodness in people even now. Reyansh says I have to take my phone. Aradhana tells the inspector about the hit-and-run case. The inspector says they will check everything out. Beena says I’m fine. Aradhana says I noted the car number. Inspector asks the number.

He returns to his cabin and takes his phone. Aradhana says that we will take this order to the hospital first. Beena says no, we must send this big order, who will take it, you will take it. Aradhana says I know no one there. Beena says I was also going there for delivery, just go there. Aradhana says fine, I’ll do it, I know the pain of losing family, but your café won’t go anywhere. An ambulance arrives.

Aradhana sends Beena. Reyansh thinks I left the laptop on. Aradhana thinks from journalism to delivery girl, where did fate get me, I’ll try and find Mimmi there, she must answer. After seeing Mayank and Revati’s video, Reyansh gets shocked. He remembers Revati’s words. He thinks Mayank and Revati lied to me. He checks Aradhana’s and Revati’s chats. As a result of his words to Aradhana, he throws things. Vivek’s words remain in his mind.

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