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Bhakti and Harsh argue about Aradhna in the first episode. He says Aradhna needs to know her truth, otherwise she will repeat her mother’s mistake. She says I am her mother. She cries. He tells her to try to understand, I love her, I care for her, she is following her mum’s path, do you want her defamed, her mum gave birth out of wedlock and handed over the child to her friend, Aradhna should be aware, Aradhna will make a big mistake in love. Facebook ends.

Aradhna reveals that her entire perception of reality was shattered when she learned the truth. In a recent encounter, Reyansh questioned her about dating Krishnan, to which she responded with a firm denial. However, their conversation took an unexpected turn when he switched their coffee cups and they ended up sipping from each other’s cup. After confirming her single status, Reyansh seemed satisfied and even asked her again just to be sure. Playful music sparked between them as they shared a moment of eye contact. Reyansh couldn’t help but smile at her and even asked if she had a boyfriend, to which she replied that her previous relationship with Mayank had ended when he moved away for work in Canada. With that settled, Reyansh continued to smile as Aradhna prepared to leave the scene.

The coffee is prepared by Kaka at home for Reyansh. He smiles and says something is wrong, did you get any diseases like love. Reyansh says he doesn’t like coffee, he wants green tea. He hears the music. Kaka says guests are here. Reyansh goes to see. He says you should have told me before. Vivek hugs Reyansh. He dances. Kadambari looks on. He says it’s your 35th wedding anniversary, but you aren’t 35 now.

Vivek says I m happy and there is no tax on happiness, are you afraid of it. Reyansh says I’m scared for you too. Vivek asks him to smile. Kadambari says you’ve done a lot, but it’s okay for you. Vivek says great. Reyansh taunts Kadambari. Reyansh says I’m going to the office. Vivek says you can’t, my office is coming, dance now. He says either shoot them or himself.

She greets Harsh and Bhakti. Harsh gets angry and leaves. Aradhna says he will stay in the office. Bhakti asks her for food. Sunaina and Vikram arrive at the office. They ask what he is doing and what is the bag doing. Reyansh says he wants to stay here. Aradhna arrives. She asks about the bag. Vikram says Reyansh will stay here. She asks if I should stay with you.

Reyansh spits the coffee. She says I didn’t mean that, I mean I have some issues, my parents are upset with me. Vikram apologizes, it’s my fault. Sunaina says there are celebrations for Reyansh’s parents. Krishnan goes to meet Aradhna. Aradhna goes to him. Reyansh comes and sees them talking. He jokes and scares Krishnan.

He says SRK is still a hero. She says I can take care of him. Reyansh goes. Krishnan says SRK was a villain in Darr, but she says he’s still a hero. Krishnan says thanks and holds her. He asks Aradhna to dance with him at the party. Krishnan jokes on him. Reyansh sings and steps towards him. Aradhna says I’ll dance with Krishnan’s sister, a choreographer, and she will teach us dance. Reyansh says yes, but Krishnan is not invited.

During the party, Vivek asks the youngsters to dance. Aradhna says I’ve called the choreographer. Reyansh says it’s fine, I will teach you. Aradhna says I’m sorry for that day. Vivek says no, you have done a lot for my son, call the choreographer. Aradhna says she’s here. The girl goes to Revati and asks Krishna why she didn’t see him. The ring is shown to Vikram. Vikram asks why it hasn’t reached here, since it’s a promise ring or stone.

Reyansh announces his arrival, while Aradhna and Revati follow suit. He then urges them to enter by knocking, prompting Aradhna to request for some privacy with Revati. Admitting that she hacked his phone, she demands the truth about the person blackmailing him, Micky. With a heavy heart, Revati confesses about her breakup with him and his continued stalking. Comforting her, Aradhna takes charge and calls Micky over to resolve the issue. Anxious about the turn of events, Reyansh switches gears and starts dancing to a new song. Pooja expresses surprise at his dance skills and wonders if it’s a result of love, but Aradhna dismisses the idea.

Kadambari smiles as Reyansh and Aradhna dance on Saud akhara khara… Vivek says you opened the door to love, and so has our son.


Pooja says Reyansh will love and hate extremes. Kadambari taunts Reyansh and slaps him. Reyansh says he doesn’t want to fall in love.

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