Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 15th September 2023 Written Update

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As Kimaya arrives, Reyansh says you look beautiful now, but there’s one thing missing. He makes her wear Aradhana’s earring. Aradhana gives the other earring and says it looks like it’s made for you. Reyansh says we’ll take a selfie now. He takes a selfie with her. Taking a selfie with the world’s most beautiful girl, he asks Aradhana to smile for her. Aradhana signs Kimaya’s smile, and they all take a selfie together.

Reyansh says he will go now and come tomorrow; if you like the earrings, tell me, I will get more. Aradhana asks whether he should drop her home. Aradhana and Reyansh leave. Kriti and Komal hug Kimaya. They smile.

He inquires about the situation, addressing you as Kimaya’s sister while noticing your somber expression. She somberly reflects on how life brings both joy and sorrow. Thoughts of Angad make Kimaya sad, but a message from Reyansh brings a smile to her face. Aradhana advises to delete the message, but he is too busy with his own life to focus on her. She jokes that she no longer needs him as a bodyguard. However, she wonders why he isn’t stopping her or acknowledging their special day. He leaves in good humor, and she goes to the bakery where Beena is working on a cake for her birthday. Aradhana realizes someone must have informed Beena about her birthday plans and feels down as she sits outside. Meanwhile, Reyansh sets up a surprise for her. When she sees the lightshow in the sky spelling out her name, she is overcome with happy tears as he wishes her a happy birthday.

The sky above…echoes with the familiar tune. A voice wishes Aradhana a happy birthday, to which she gratefully responds with a smile. The scene shifts to the bakery where Malini enters and expresses her gratitude towards Beena. She explains that the cake isn’t meant for her family, but for herself – a personal ritual. Malini then proceeds to light the candle and reminisces about giving her daughter away to Bhakti. As Aradhana appears, Malini cuts the cake and tears up. Surprised by her presence, Aradhana questions what she is doing there and why she isn’t resting. Out of curiosity, Aradhana asks whose birthday they are celebrating, to which Malini responds with emotion in her voice – “my happiness”. She goes on to reveal that she received something special on this day but lost it soon after, leaving her feeling incomplete. Unbeknownst to Malini, Aradhana knows that the cake is meant for her daughter and silently wishes she could confess the truth – that she is indeed Malini’s long-lost daughter. As if reading each other’s thoughts, Malini acknowledges the unspoken bond between them as she feeds Aradhana a piece of the

She asks, “Should I close the café, the college students will be here in the morning?” Aradhana asks Malini to go to sleep. Beena says you have an old connection with Mimmi and yours. She leaves. Aradhana cries. Beena asks won’t you tell her. Aradhana says she lacks courage. Beena says it’s okay, everything happens at its own pace, patience is the key. Reyansh thinks about Aradhana.

In order to thank Reyansh, Adhana calls him. He thinks he has seen my gesture. She calls him. He answers. She asks if you did something. He says a lot, can’t you stay without hearing my voice. She scolds him. She asks if you put the light show in the sky for me. He laughs.

He says you always dream of me. She says I’m sorry, I was mistaken. She ends the call. He says happy birthday Aradhana, and I’ll write your name on the moon as well.

As she enters the café, she spots Reyansh in the kitchen making a cake. Grateful that he remembered to bake it, she beams at him. However, he clarifies that the cake is for Kimaya, not her. Disappointed, she responds with an “oh.” Reyansh explains that he is Kimaya’s happy therapist, but she playfully disagrees and calls him a mental pain. Beena reprimands her for her words and praises Vikram’s good looks and sensitivity. Reyansh agrees and adds that whoever marries him will be lucky. Aradhana disagrees with this statement. Overhearing their conversation, Beena offers Aradhana a chicken sandwich that she had made for her.

Kimaya and Aradhana argue. She says I’ll take this cake. He says I’ll take it. She falls on it.


In the office, Viren and Reyansh argue. Malini tells Aradhana about her first child.

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