Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 21st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 21st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the Episode begins, Aradhana reunites with Reyansh. He confesses his love for her, but she reveals that feelings have changed for her. In a moment of need, he reaches out and saves her from falling. She expresses how much she misses him and shares her reason for being there – to find Mimmi. She opens up about her past, including being rejected by her adoptive parents. He sympathizes with her and explains that he was unaware of the situation. She confronts him about his absence when she needed support, to which he responds by promising to always be there for her. Overwhelmed with emotion, she embraces him tightly and sobs. Feeling like an orphan and dealing with Malini’s hatred towards her, she demands an explanation for his lack of presence in her life. He explains that if she hadn’t lied to him, he would have been by her side all along. His true intentions are revealed as he pushes her off a cliff with a satisfied grin on his face.

As Aradhana wakes up, she thinks I’m seeing such a terrible dream. Viren says you need to tell the truth. Kimaya says I’m sorry, I was tense. Malini asks Aradhana if she’s okay. Aradhana asks why did I come here. Malini says your blood sugar level was low, you didn’t take any injections. Komal says your diabetes is hereditary. Malini asks about her mother. Aradhana says Aradhana Sehgal.

He says it was Malini’s surname before marriage. Malini apologizes to Aradhana. She holds Aradhana’s hand and says that you fell ill. She advises Aradhana to rest. She gives Aradhana kada and says drink it, else I will pull your ears, I can help you find the person you want, tell your parents, they’ll be worried. Aradhana says I don’t have anyone, I’m a journalist, I got a heartbreak. Komal jokes. Viren says I have a small media company, come for an interview tomorrow. Aradhana says.

Malini says stay here tonight. Aradhana says sorry. They have a talk. Malini says I’m the mother of these three girls. She leaves. Angad and his parents leave. Kimaya hugs Angad. He says I love you. He leaves. Then Kimaya asks Aradhana why she left. Aradhana says sometimes we have to change, you have taken the blame from Angad. Kimaya accepts this.

Aradhana hopes you have good luck and avoid being deceived. Beena listens to old songs and converses with Rajan. As Aradhana arrives, Beena remarks she thought she had disappeared. Aradhana informs her work has been completed and asks about her foot. Beena becomes angry with Rajan, leading to an argument. She shouts at Aradhana, who reminds her of how she used to speak to her husband in a similar manner. Beena acknowledges this and adds that they are both grieving. Aradhana shares her news of getting a job and encourages Beena to rest, as Malini is now supporting her financially. They both believe everything will eventually become better.

A morning comes around and Aradhana goes to Viren’s office. The news anchor is reporting. She meets Viren. He asks if your name is real, what the truth is. I wasn’t born into the Sehgal family, I was adopted, and was grateful that my parents raised me. However, they disowned me after I made a mistake, so I decided to start over. I didn’t know you, but I researched you, and I will be honored to work with you. If you don’t give me a job, it’s fine. Thanks for your time. She says it’s no problem.

Stop, you get serious soon, it’s about money and survival, I’ll hire you, take it as a challenge, tell the truth and win, raise my standards, congrats, you are hired, I’ve hired a new team from Delhi, I’m sure your jodi will be good, I wanted to see if you’re scared of me. He says Vikram is a big journalist from Delhi, he was the VP in his office, do you know him? Reyansh comes there. Aradhana is stunned seeing him.


Aradhana and Reyansh argue. She asks him why he came here, as he can’t harm her now. He replies, “I can try.”.

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