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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Maa asks Dhawal to stay away from Natasha. He promises, he will come to you. Natasha’s friend notices the ring and asks how did you get it, did Dhawal give it to you and propose to her? She says no, he can’t dare propose to me, I’ll sell it and get my money back. Her friend laughs, saying it’s worth 50 rupees, it’s fake, it’s mine. She shouts at Dhawal, who says method actors are practicing.

Natasha hurls the ring at Dhawal, who quickly retrieves it and returns it to her. She instructs him to keep the fake ring while demanding her money back by evening or she will forcefully take it from him. With a dismissive attitude, Natasha exits the room, leaving Dhawal feeling defeated. Maa steps in to comfort him as Pranali places the blame on Hetal and breaks down in tears. Realizing his mistake, Dhawal apologizes and calls Chirag for help. Maa instructs Dhawal to retrieve her chair from the car while he addresses the situation by finding a better ring. He brings in the chair and assists Maa with sitting down before asking his friend to find a suitable replacement for the fake ring. Suman notices Natasha’s anger towards someone.

Natasha says there’s an idiot, I won’t leave him, don’t worry about it. Pranali gets angry and asks why Chirag won’t answer. Chirag is at the construction site. He asks the supervisor to give him the money. He doesn’t take Pranali’s call. Hetal says it’s okay, his engagement is today. Maa asks Dhawal to get icecream for her. She says what to explain, I want two icecreams to calm my mind. Suman says, come over, we’ll beat him.

Natasha reminds them to relax and assures that she had given him enough time. Suman declares her support by offering to join Natasha, stating that women have to fight for their rights. Natasha expresses her affection by kissing Suman, but the latter declines the gesture. Pranali criticizes Chirag for not fulfilling his responsibility of bringing the engagement ring and questions his actions. He defends himself by saying that he believes in women taking charge of the preparations for his engagement. This angers Pranali even more and she scolds him again. Chirag suggests that she speak to Bhaven about this matter. Dhawal attempts to reason with Pranali, mentioning his reputation in college. However, Pranali refuses to tolerate such behavior. Dhawal asks their mother to intervene but she chooses to remain neutral towards all her children – Amrish, Bhaven, Chirag and Dhawal himself.

Harish Kaka informs us that Amrish is interested in purchasing this market to build a mall. He has offered a good price and wants us to sell the store. Natasha confirms that she needs to sell it. Suman abruptly snatches the papers, stating that she will not sell the Pandya store. Bhaven becomes irritated with the limited clothing choices and requests to see the mall plan before ordering coffee. Amrish reveals that Natasha is hesitant to sign, but her signature is necessary for them to proceed with their plans for the mall. Meanwhile, Chirag calls Bhaven who mentions being busy. Chirag reminds him to explain to Pranali that women are responsible for handling household chores, as she is complaining about his behavior.

Bhaven reprimands Pranali over the phone, questioning Chirag’s manners and warning her that she will go hungry if she does not do her job. She argues with him as onlookers, including Dhawal and the students, laugh. Dhawal intervenes and asks his mother to explain the situation to them. However, she explains that they will not listen. Amrish arrives and inquires about the commotion. Pranali hastily states that everything is fine. Amrish then questions why they are all gathered there, receiving different excuses in response. The mother suggests leaving after picking up Dhawal and getting the ring from him, but Amrish reminds them about Natasha Pandya. Maa inquires about who she is.

Natasha says we can buy a new flat in the new city, I’ll finish college and do a job in an MNC. She tries to convince. Suman says they won’t agree, otherwise I’ll sell the store. Amrish says I should speak to her about business.


Dhawal asks Natasha to come to his brother’s engagement, he lifts her up and takes her to the event. Amrish says get Natasha in the engagement, I want the Pandya store.

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