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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Hetal pleading with Natasha to refrain from taking any actions. She takes a moment to pray for her mother. However, Natasha urges her to take action. Hetal tries to explain but breaks down in tears. Natasha comforts her and reassures her that everything will be okay. Hetal mentions she has some errands to run and leaves. Natasha suggests introducing her to her brother and mother. In the meantime, the girl overhears some girls discussing their plans to go to the Makwana house for Dandiya. She politely declines their invitation, stating that she has other obligations and will join them later. She secretly schemes about how the Makwana’s would not forgive this day. Later, Natasha and Dhawal get dressed. A romantic song plays in the background as they both admire each other’s appearance. However, Natasha accidentally hurts herself, and Dhawal rushes to take care of her with a hint of humor in his tone. Despite his jokes, she notices that he doesn’t look well himself. He then realizes that she is wearing a different dress than the one he had gifted her.

He thinks you don’t appreciate my efforts, so why bother trying? Natasha agrees, saying that this dress is better and will wear it. As she moves, the dress tears. He chuckles and makes jokes while Natasha looks for another outfit. Everyone gathers around to give her advice on what to wear. After considering her options, Natasha decides to wear the dress Dhawal gave her. Just then, Amba and her sons enter the room. The man compliments her, and she proudly says that her four sons are like kings to her and that she is their mother, not a Rajmata. The man then invites her to come and offer Chandan during the puja. Natasha watches Dhawal embrace his friend, and the man asks where his daughters-in-law are. They soon appear as Natasha tells Golu not to cry over his lost toy because she will get him a new one. Dhawal smiles, seeing Natasha wearing the dress he gifted her.

He thinks Natasha looks stunning, my efforts are genuine, she should believe it. However, as Natasha departs, the girl comments on her arrival in the family without prior notice. While Dhawal and Natasha engage in an argument, he reveals that Hetal was the one who picked out a dress for her. Meanwhile, he leaves with his friend. Adding to this, Hetal mentions how Dhawal got Natasha’s dress and even took credit for it. Dolly chimes in and mentions how Chirag tells her he loves her multiple times a day but never does something as sweet as this gesture. Pranali acknowledges how lucky they are while mentioning that Bhaven has never gotten anything for her. She then urges Dolly not to intervene and enjoy watching the men dance instead of joining in herself, as there is no provision for ladies to do so.

Dolly declines, stating she will need Amrish and Amba’s approval first. Golu asks Hetal to purchase a car for him, but she explains that they must wait as Amba is currently occupied. A young girl becomes emotional and warns them they will regret their actions. Everyone gathers on the dance floor, with Dolly complimenting Chirag’s appearance. The men join in on the dancing while Chirag catches Dolly’s eye. She grins and expresses her happiness at being allowed to attend but secretly wishes for permission to dance. Pranali advises her to let go of that thought and enjoy their performance. Golu interrupts the conversation by requesting a balloon, but Hetal reminds him that his father is calling and he must wait a little longer.

Natasha witnesses Hetal and her brother in conversation. The latter takes her aside at her request while Natasha monitors them. The siblings argue as Hetal stands up for herself, reminding her brother of their family’s past mistakes and his lack of involvement. She points out that their father sold the land to their enemy, Mr. Agarwal, and now Amrish is offering to repurchase it at a fair price. Hetal questions why her father made such a decision without considering his son-in-law’s opinion and once again defends her right to make decisions for her sasural (in-laws).

Her brother had made a deal with Agarwal before. How could he break it and give the land to Amrish? Why doesn’t this sorrow end? You have kept the annoyance for so long. She asks should I leave my happy family and come home to suffer society taunts, no, I will do what Amrish tells me, I will not keep relations with you all, I won’t meet you. Natasha is shocked.

Hetal says I have no option but to choose my Sasural over my Maayka. Natasha thinks this house does not value equality and freedom.


Natasha asks Hetal to dance when she looks for Golu.

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