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Vikram approaches Anupama to inquire about the situation. She responds, expressing how, despite our constant efforts, we still miss our loved ones, and emotions become overwhelming. However, she reassures that everyone will always be well and content. Overhearing this, Ishani turns to Dimpy and mentions that Ansh is busy playing cricket with the boys, leaving her without a playmate. Without hesitation, Dimpy offers to play with her and points out the dolls representing each of them. Ishani notices that the doll intended to be her has long hair. Baa arrives with Prasad for them. Just then, Pakhi enters, accompanied by her friends, and explains how their flight was briefly delayed in Ahmedabad. To make good use of their time, she brought them home to meet everyone. She introduces Baa to her guests, and they exchange greetings.

When Pakhi asks Dimpy to bring coffee, he brings it. Dimpy brings water. Pakhi asks Ishani to greet them, but she does not. Dimpy asks her to greet them, and she does. The guy asks if she didn’t remarry since bahu don’t stay in a house after their husband’s death. She replies that she says sandwiches with theplas. Baa says their bahu didn’t remarry, and they regard her as beti. The girl says they are making her do maid work.

Since my Papa has been caring for Pakhi and her son for five years, it’s not a big deal if she does some household work. She says Betis works in the house. The girl says you don’t do the job. Pakhi replies, but I’m busy. She scolds Dimpy for not bringing organic cookies. Dimpy thinks he will get them now. Vanraj says Dimpy won’t go anywhere.

Vikram tells Anupama that Shruti ji is bringing AK ji here for dinner, and she is thinking about what to make for him, as he recently met with an accident. She says she is thinking of making ghee tadka palak paneer.

To stop Pops, Aadhya comes to him and asks him to help her with the school project, and he says I will lose marks if I don’t submit it by tomorrow. To complete the project, she needs 3-4 hours. Shruti says we had planned dinner in an Indian restaurant. Aadhya asks her to attend tomorrow and help her with it. Anuj asks Shruti to take her friend’s help and goes with Shruti. He wants to find out who Joshi Ben is. As a result, Aadhya is shocked and wants to stop him as soon as possible.

On the plate, Anupama presents the food nicely. Vikram says AK will be blown away today. Vanraj asks Pakhi to apologize to Dimpy. Dimpy says it is okay. Vanraj tells her she has to apologize. Pakhi asks why you are embarrassing me. Vanraj says you can embarrass Dimpy, so why can’t you apologize to her? Pakhi gets upset and says sorry. Then Vanraj says I’ll order outside. Pakhi says there is no need and takes her friends to the café.

He gets a message about smiles and says it was Madam Anupama’s dream. He thinks he should have scolded Pakhi five years ago. Vanraj believes Pakhi cannot leave the house, but Ansh will, too. He thinks I reached the sky from the ground, and Anupama fell from the sky to the ground. He says she’s in America, but she’s a chef. He says she was limited to the kitchen, and she’s still there today, and her identity is chimtas, belans, and masalas.

Anupama spends a lot of money on flowers and is approached by a dance troupe. They request that she demonstrate some dance moves, which she happily does. During her performance, she notices another girl dancing nearby and converses with her. The girl reveals that she not only enjoys dancing but also speaks Hindi. Anupama introduces herself and asks for the girl’s name, to which she replies, “Angel.” Curious about Angel’s family, Anupama inquires about her parents. Angel runs to her father, who promptly lifts her. As Anupama prepares to leave, she catches sight of Toshu’s face and becomes emotional upon realizing that Angel is her daughter, Pari. She calls out to Toshu, who turns to look at her before instructing the driver to leave with them.

As Anupama runs behind the car, she gets hurt. She thinks Toshu is in the UK. She keeps her hand on the plate, and it falls. Vikram asks, “You made AK food. What will you serve now?” KD comes there and says AK is here. They see another person, and Vikram says he is not AK. As Aadhya goes into a panic attack, Shruti calls the restaurant and asks Anupama to send food to their home.

Shruti says we’ll come tomorrow. Aadhya tries to fool her and thinks she has to give him stress to stop him. Anuj says he’ll meet Anupama and get some answers from her.


Anupama enjoys the snow and tells Anuj she wants to meet Joshi Ben. Joshi Ben’s scarf falls on the ground, and Anupama picks it up.

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