Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s Heartbreaking Separation

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha is okay now, and the doctor calls Dhawal and asks her to take her home. After Dhawal thanks him, he leaves. The nurse says you can leave when your husband makes the payment. Natasha says, thanks, I can handle it myself. She makes the payment, leaves, and Dhawal arrives. He sees Natasha.

As she looks at her family’s pictures, Suman cries and says you all have always saved the store from every problem, and I couldn’t do anything. She cries. Natasha sees Dhawal and shuts the door. He says, please open the door; you are not okay. She cries. She gets dizzy. Dhawal asks what happened and tells me what happened.

When he cries, he says open the door, we both need each other. She asks why. He says calm down, I’ll make the payment, and I’ll come back. Leaving, Natasha says Natasha has already paid the bill. Dhawal stops Natasha and asks where she is going. Natasha signs him away. He thinks she can get sick arguing with me. Suman talks to Chiku. Natasha watches from the window as Natasha watches.

Suman delegates the task to everyone, causing Mittu to become upset and hurl the jar aside. He voices his frustration, citing Natasha’s mistake in not informing them about the store being demolished and missing out on opportunities to sell items. Suman advises him to calm down and reminds him that Natasha is his beloved sister, whom he always supports. Mittu walks away as Chiku sings “Jeevan ka ye pahiya” while cleaning up the mess. Eventually, Mittu also joins in and shares a hug with Chiku. Meanwhile, Natasha watches from a distance, tears streaming down her face, before joining the group hug with Suman. She then heads over to the Pandya store and sits amidst the rubble.

Natasha cries. She leaves her handprint on the pillar. She keeps the bricks back and recalls Dhawal’s words. The bricks fall. Natasha cries. Dhawal cries. Judaai…plays.


Natasha signs the divorce papers and throws them at Dhawal’s face. Amba smiles as Natasha throws them at him.

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