Pandya Store 18th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the first episode, Hardik asks Dhara why they were separated. She says that they had moved on because they wanted their own share. Deven asks what happened. Hardik says my Sasur ji doesn’t know anything, please handle it, I told him that the Pandya family represents unity. She asks him not to worry. She asks the bell boy to take the bags to the rooms. Hardik asks where you are going. She asks the bell boy to carry the bags.

I’ve got special items for the party, Deven says, don’t worry. Kiran calls him. Dhara sends Deven’s bag to Suman’s room. She says don’t worry, you’ll get Pandyas like before. She hugs him tight. Shivank says we’ll feed this poisonous panipuri to Pandyas. In the bag, Suman sees wine bottles. She rushes to the bathroom. The kids see the bottles there.

Krish takes Suman’s bag. They think it’s juice. They hide from him. Deven looks for the bag. Krish gets Suman’s bag. She asks him to see the bottles. He jokes and smiles. She says I will slap you, why would Gautam get this, take this away. She asks him not to drink. He says I drink cold drinks. He takes the bag. Arushi says if everyone drinks wine, then our work will become easier. A bellboy talks to Dhara.

In front of Deven, she thinks everyone needs to stay together. She goes to Raavi and asks her to tell everyone about us being separated. Raavi says fine, did you see my bags, these got exchanged. Dhara says no. Suman drinks the cold drinks and spits them out. She says it smells bad, how did you get it. Shesh says we mixed the juice from the bottles, Suman scolds them and they run.

Suman gets drunk. She searches for Pandya store. Dhara tells everyone to respect Hardik. They promise her. They see Suman shouting and rush to her. Krish signs that Suman got drunk. Suman cries and tells about their separation. She says my sons are the puppets of their wives, and they failed. Deven asks what happened, did you all get separated? Suman says yes. It is Suman’s preference that everyone stays close, so everyone stayed in different hotel rooms.

Suman reports that my house is damaged. Deven inquires “what happened?” Dhara confirms the damage to the house. The group collectively exclaims “Bhabhi!” Dhara clarifies that they are currently constructing a building in its place. Meanwhile, Gautam discreetly gestures towards Suman and ponders about who gave her alcohol. Dhara mentions that they all reside together, but Suman contradicts, indicating that they have all rented separate homes. To diffuse the situation, Dhara escorts Suman away. In the meantime, Arushi and Shivank notice Prerna. Shivank remembers their past interactions while Prerna becomes anxious upon seeing him. Krish intervenes by holding her and asks what’s wrong. She tearfully reveals “Shivank, he’s over there.” Krish’s expression changes as he listens intently.


According to Gautam, Arushi and Shivank will come to take revenge on us. Arushi and Shivank prepare poisonous water. Dev and Krish promise not to let them succeed.


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