Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 7th November 2023 Written Update

Kavya 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Roothe Roothe… plays… Kavya sees Adi leaving as the episode begins. They recall their moments. Sanjeev asks, “Are you leaving us?” He hugs Adi and cries. He says I’m not dying, just leaving. He hugs his friends. He leaves. Sanjeev stops Kavya. She says I’m going home. He says you could have gone with Adi, but you suspended him. She says yes, I just told the truth. He argues with her. He defends Adi and says you took revenge on him.

She says fine, I’m disgusting, I admit I was upset about Adi’s permit, but he’s Giriraj’s son, he’s cunning. He says it’s the limit, I know him, he’s not like his dad. She says I don’t know anything, Shubh helped me and Adi broke my trust. Upon Kavya’s return home, Rajeev and Anjali wait. Kavya is given gifts. Rajeev and Anjali cry happily. They welcome Kavya, hugs her, praising her. Kavya and her family dance together. She thinks of Adi.

Omi receives a call from his wife, asking him to join her in watching Giriraj dance. To his surprise, she seems unwell. Checking in on her well-being, Omi learns of Kavya’s recent victory and Adi’s removal from IAS. Giriraj expresses his anger towards Rajeev and Kavya for tricking him out of power supply. Meanwhile, Rajeev looks at Navya’s picture while Kavya talks to it, feeling grateful for the guidance she received from Navya which led to the victories of both their daughters. Omi shares this with Anjali, jokingly mentioning how proud they must be.

They greet Shubh. He gives Kavya a shawl. Kavya asks for tea. He says no, thanks. He leaves. Anjali asks if Shubh is with her again. Shubh reprimands his men for taunting him about Kavya. They laugh and joke on him. Alka tells Malini Adi is in his room. On the TV, they see Kavya’s news.

As Malini says, she has done a great deal, and she is special, just like I was welcomed in my locality when I passed the IAS exam. That’s why you found a diamond like me and Kavya, and Kavya is so lovely and innocent, why don’t we make her Kavya Pradhan? Adi smiles. He asks how she is doing. Malini asks him how he is doing. He tells them the news. Malini sends Alka outside.

Anjali asks why you didn’t tell me. Kavya says I’m here to celebrate Diwali with you. Anjali asks if Shubh apologized. Gauri asks if you apologized to her.

Ai complains about Kavya. He says she has these habits because she is talented, she can bring a change, and how did she misunderstand me. Shubh says I have moved on, I have both self respect and love. Anjali asks Shubh if you’ve forgiven him. Shubh replies, “I will just marry Kavya.” Adi replies, “That chapter is over, I won’t see Kavya again.”


Giriraj says we must cut down Rajeev’s roots and send him to jail. Rajeev breaks down. The police trouble the family. Kavya worries.

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