Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 10th August 2023 Written Update


Barsatein 10th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Reyansh not to trust Mayank. Vikram says you don’t know Aradhana, her life is ruined, her parents ousted her. Reyansh says I don’t care. Vikram says fine, he won’t step back, I’ll get justice for her, she did many favors for me. Pooja reads Malini’s letters to Aradhana. Aradhana says she’s not her mum, my parents love me very much. She trashes the letters.

Vivek says Dubey has given the statement to the board, you can come back on your post, but… Reyansh says you don’t want me to return. I want you to stop burning yourself, you have to learn something about life. In response to Reyansh’s question, Vivek says you’re evicting me from your house. Take care, Vivek says. Revati has disappeared, Pooja says.

In Aradhana’s opinion, I cannot tell her secret without speaking to her. Pooja tells her, “Just think of yourself and come with me to the police station.” Vikram calls Pooja and asks her to tell Aradhana to give a statement. Pooja and Aradhana arrive at the police station. Aradhana gives the statement. Inspector asks the proof or Revati’s statement, Mayank has turned against his word. Vikram says to handle it. Aradhana argues with Aradhana.

He says you are finished, maybe this time everything will work out, but Reyansh does not trust you, he will burn your world. I regret this for you. She says I know my life cannot get normal. He smiles. Aradhana and Reyansh think of each other. They get sad. In her opinion, you are a poison and there is no antidote; you only know hatred, not love. He believes I have loved you, I would like to forget you. She thinks I will leave you behind and pack her bags.

Harsh does not open the door. Bhakti asks him to open the door, but Harsh stops her from doing so. Aradhana says you had accepted me and became my parents, you will always be my parents, I am sorry, I wanted to save you from this embarrassment. I promise, I will always promise you. Leave the cards at the door and go. Bhakti checks the cards and cries.

Vikram approached Reyansh, expressing concern over Aradhana’s current situation. He mentioned that she was now without a home and has seemingly disappeared, leaving him uncertain of what had caused her to leave. Vikram urged Reyansh to trust himself and come with him, as he did not want to take responsibility for what had happened to Aradhana. Reyansh claimed he never intended for this outcome and Vikram advised him to rectify the situation, reminding him not to believe Mayank’s words blindly. Despite experiencing heartache in love, Reyansh expressed his desire to uncover the truth. After leaving the scene, Vivek apologized on behalf of their actions towards Aradhana and engaged in conversation with Vikram. Meanwhile, Krishnan was busy at work when Reyansh arrived.


Reyansh is scolded by Aradhana after she slaps him and asks him to leave.

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