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Shiv Shakti

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At the police station, Ragunath tells Ragunath that he couldn’t get bail for Shiv, all are shocked. The groom asks Shakti if she is happy that he said no.. You must be taunted by people because that doctor tarnished your honor badly. He says if you need any help, please contact me. Shakti remembers Shiv’s words, and says no girl’s honor is so weak that it can easily be tarnished, so don’t try to blame him.

Shiv made my dream come true, he did nothing wrong. Thank you for saying no to the marriage, Shakti says. The groom says I don’t need anyone’s help, I’m a strong woman. The groom says that doctor did bad to you. The groom extends his hand, but Shakti doesn’t shake it. Manorama hides and spyes on them. He tells his brother he wants Shakti instead of Rimjhim, so Shakti leaves from there. He keeps dreaming about Shakti.

Manorama confronts Shakti, questioning if he was the one who convinced the guy to reject the marriage proposal. Rimjhim watches from a distance as Chacha also inquires if this is true. Shakti admits to it, prompting Chacha to angrily ask why he would do such a thing. Manorama accuses Shakti of always causing trouble in the household, despite him claiming she would be their support in old age. She suggests that Shakti purposely sabotaged Rimjhim’s relationship because she is his step-sister and reveals how she saw him flirting with the guy and holding hands with him. She trusted him, but now everything has fallen apart. Chacha joins in, asking why Shakti would do such a thing.

Shakti sadly looks at Rimjhim, shaking her head. She expresses her disapproval of the man who was interested in Rimjhim. Manorama questions Shakti’s authority to judge who is suitable for her daughter, and acknowledges that she made a mistake in loving Shakti like a mother. The previous time when someone preferred Shakti over Rimjhim, Manorama gave her the benefit of the doubt, but this time she caught Shakti in the act. As Shakti sheds tears and denies any wrongdoing, Manorama seethes with anger and grabs a broom to punish her. Chacha intervenes, questioning if Manorama is planning to harm her own child.

Manorama instructs him to step aside and instead of Shakti, she starts attacking Rimjhim. The unexpected turn of events surprises everyone and Shakti is left in tears. Shocked by Manorama’s behavior, Dharam asks why she is punishing Rimjhim. Manorama accuses Rimjhim of influencing Shakti to reject the marriage proposal, stating that she was aware of their plans to meet the potential groom. She warns them both not to deceive her, claiming that they are now confined to the house. Manorama informs Rimjhim that she is prohibited from using social media and reminds Shakti that her aspirations of becoming a doctor are no longer valid, claiming that she is tired of supporting her dreams. She concludes by blaming Shakti for their current predicament.

Shakti agrees to go to the police station, explaining, “I want to give a statement in support of Dr. Shiv’s innocence.” Manorama questions, “Who is Dr. Shiv? Don’t you know what people are saying? They’re mocking me as your mother.” In response, she leads Shakti and Rimjhim to a room and locks them in. While Chacha expresses concern, Manorama reveals her plan: “I’m going to persuade the groom to marry Rimjhim.” Shakti worries about Shiv and reflects, “He saved me, but I’m helpless when it comes to him. What if he’s in jail? All he did was try to help me.” Attempting to reach him on the phone, Shakti becomes distressed when he doesn’t answer. She then thinks about Nandu.

“Mandira inquires about the lack of bail granted by the lawyer, as there seems to be immense pressure surrounding the case. Shiv expresses his disapproval of this situation. The lawyer asks for clarification on whose pressure is being exerted. Mandira turns to the inspector and questions who is responsible for pressuring him to keep Shiv locked up. He reveals it to be Minister Pandey. Mandira confirms her suspicions and recalls how he had previously threatened her due to his failure in securing a scholarship for his daughter. She turns to Shiv, expressing her concern and reminding him of her warnings against getting involved in such matters. The inspector states that they cannot release Shiv from custody. In anger, Ragunath storms out while Mandira follows suit with a heavy heart. Nandu reassures Shiv that they will find a solution, but Shiv remains worried about Shakti’s well-being and has faith that his father will not let anything happen to him.”

Mandira is attempting to persuade the inspector to release Shiv, but he claims to be following orders from the minister. In the midst of this, Shakti reaches out to Nandu for an update on Shiv’s condition. Sadly, Nandu reveals that Shiv has been unjustly detained and there’s no hope of bail. Shocked, Shakti exclaims that Shiv did nothing wrong. But Nandu explains that his actions in securing her scholarship have angered the minister, who happens to be the daughter of the one whose scholarship was denied in favor of Shakti. Therefore, Nandu advises Shakti not to contact or visit Shiv any longer, as she holds her responsible for this situation. These words deeply wound Shakti.

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