Agnisakshi 11th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 11th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Pradeep asks Satvik what his relationship with Jeevika is called and asks him to tell. Then Satvik leaves Jeevika’s hand and remains silent. Manav watches from afar as Pradeep says he will leave your hand tomorrow. Pallavi tells Pradeep he is doing it wrong. Satvik says Pradeep dada asked why did you not stop her, so I let her go. Manas asks Satvik why didn’t you stop her? Satvik says he let her go because Pradeep dada asked what I had a relationship with her.

Then Pradeep comes out to tell everyone that Jeevika will join us today. Rajnandini says suddenly. Pallavi says you have more rights over Jeevika, but we miss her a lot. She asks them to value their emotions and send her home. Despite the fact that you should have mentioned this previously, Manohar says it is not nice to take Jeevika away from here suddenly. Narayan says you don’t have to ask, she’s your daughter and tells them they’ll miss her. Jeevika’s departure has a big reason behind it, Juhi says.

Satvik asks Sukanya whether they can take Jeevika home. Narayan says he cannot refuse when I agree. Swara says it is a surprise to me. Jhanvi says I won’t let her sleep. Rajnandini asks Pallavi what is this new drama? Pallavi says she is not the writer and they will leave from here as soon as possible. Rajnandini threatens her. Pradeep invites Pallavi to come and asks if she wishes to learn all English today.

According to Jeevika, Baba should have his medicines on time. She asks Aadhya and Shlok to drink haldi milk daily, tells Juhi that she will make her cook understand how to make her coffee, tells Rajnandini that she got all her fruits, and tells Satvik that his buttermilk is in the fridge. Narayan says you are worrying like a mother, and tells her that she will return here soon. Pradeep takes Jeevika with him and Satvik gets teary-eyed.

Satvik tells Jeevika that it’s great she’s here. They talk about their shopping times. Pradeep asks Jeevika if she’s happy there. Rajnandini asks Satvik what’s wrong with him not answering Pradeep’s question about him being her husband. Rajnandini says you didn’t know I lost big, and then tells him he has to bring Jeevika back for Baba, and Pallavi makes an excuse. Satvik says he cannot lie now, and tells him he has done wrong with her.

Pradeep emphasizes the importance of everyone knowing the truth. Manohar expresses concern for the situation. Rajnandini enters her room and contacts Pallavi. Juhi inquires about Jeevika’s return. Rajnandini explains that Jeevika must come back in order for her plan to be successful, and that she needs to be brought here by any means necessary. Pradeep states that the reason behind this is Jhanvi. Pallavi assigns Jeevika the task of handling Jhanvi now. Swara shares that she also missed Jeevika’s presence. Pallavi reveals that it was actually Jeevika’s brother who brought her back because everyone missed her. She suggests giving Jeevika some time to rest.

Narayan asks Satvik if everything is fine. Satvik says yes. Narayan asks him to bring Jeevika back. Rajnandini calls Pallavi. She says she wants Jeevika here. Rajnandini says she can’t expect much from her, and asks who will take care of the girl whose marriage has broken and who is unable to become a mother. Manas tells Satvik that he will bring Jeevika home. Satvik asks what name to give this relationship. Manas tells him that you should give your relationship a name.

Pradeep questions Pallavi about the reason for her deceiving everyone. In response, Pallavi pretends to cry and confesses that she couldn’t keep her promise and make Jeevika happy. Pradeep makes it clear that Jeevika will not be returning to that place. Pallavi acknowledges that they still owe 42 lakhs to the person and expresses fear that if he demands it back, they’ll have to beg at the signal. Pradeep declares his willingness to beg but insists on protecting Jeevika from going back there. Meanwhile, Jeevika is in Jhanvi’s room and Satvik waits outside her house. Manas calls him and instructs him to continue with their plan. Satvik agrees and is about to knock on the door when Jeevika senses his presence and gets up.


Manas says to Satvik if she loves him, she will come to him. Jeevika knocks on Satvik’s car window and they share a cup of tea.

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