Agnisakshi 9th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 9th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Jeevika questioning Swara’s concern, after she reprimanded her outside. Swara responds that it’s not the first or last time she’s been scolded and reveals her thoughts about Jiju, wondering if he also has feelings for Jeevika. To this, Jeevika responds that only God knows the answer. Swara moves on to ask if Jiju liked Jeevika’s designs, to which she confesses that she didn’t show them to him. Excitedly, Swara suggests that it would be enjoyable for them to work together in the same office and playfully teases Jeevika about it.

Rajnandini inquires about Satvik’s current task, noting that Jeevika is currently the team leader. She brings up the concern of what will happen after their divorce, and if Jeevika continues working here, she may have trouble forgetting Satvik. Rajnandini then questions if Satvik wants Jeevika to always remember him. Satvik denies this. Meanwhile, Jeevika waits for Satvik and Rajnandini notices that he appears to be looking for someone. Jeevika explains that she was planning to make dinner and Rajnandini shares that Satvik was occupied with work. She compliments Jeevika’s designing skills and asks if Satvik approves as well.

Rajnandini says I suggested that they hire her, but he declined and said she would remain at home. She asks if both of you have any fights. She shows the saree and gives it to Jeevika, saying Satvik might have made it for you. Jeevika is delighted. Rajnandini asks her to surprise Satvik. Jeevika says she will surprise him. Rajnandini says she will plan for the surprise and that a lot will happen between you and Satvik.

She thinks what will happen when her elders learn about it. She thinks Shlok will react and puts a brake on her dreams. Shlok asks her if she wants to go on a date with him. Swara gets tense.

Satvik comes to the place and wonders why Bhabhi called me here. He sees Jeevika who says surprise. He is shocked to see the décor and Jeevika wearing the saree he had ordered for Supriya. Jeevika asks him to look at their memories, and says I didn’t know that someone would be special for me. He asks if you love me?

According to Rajnandini, Satvik and Jeevika’s relationship will end today because they tried to ruin my plans. Jeevika refuses to reply. Satvik asks, “How did you fall in love with me given that this marriage truth is a deal?” Jeevika says she knows that the marriage is a compromise, where you will benefit and I will lose. She says it is not your mistake if I love you as well.

Satvik recalls Rajnandini’s words and destroys the adorned photo collage. He questions why she fell for him, suggesting she may have despised him instead. He acknowledges her right to dislike him rather than love him. Jeevika assures him of his non-violent nature. Satvik inquires how much she really knows about him and admits to changing since they got married. He bluntly expresses his inability to love her, stating that destiny cannot be altered by mere clothing choices. With that, he exits while Jeevika weeps.

Rajnandini receives a call and decides to take action against Rao. After contacting someone, she instructs him to eliminate Rao. She then approaches Satvik and asks about his well-being. Satvik responds by stating that he is also struggling with the same question. He confesses to following her plan and ruining Jeevika’s hopes and dreams, causing her to no longer look at him. They both agree that this is for Jeevika’s and Satvik’s own good. Rajnandini assures him that their actions will benefit them in the long run. However, Satvik begins to have doubts, feeling like they are making a huge mistake. Rajnandini reminds him that he will have nothing left if he backs out now. Satvik calls someone and inquires about the estimated arrival time of Jeevika. The driver reports that they are at the gate. Jeevika arrives shortly after and finds Satvik sleeping under a blanket. As she covers him, her tears land on his hand before she leaves in distress.

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