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Meet 31st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet doing aarti, seeking strength to overcome her challenges and remembering Raunak telling her that he is not mad. It is impossible to prove Raunak is wrong and he is trying to harm Shlok, so Sumeet asks God for help to overcome this situation. She asks where Shlok is, and Sumeet explains that he hasn’t awoken yet because he stayed up late.

The challenge is only six hours away, so Shagun plans to stay put. Raunak fears that Shagun’s presence might ruin his plan to harm Shlok. He tries to convince her to leave, but she remains determined. Shagun requests black coffee, which Poonam prepares. Sumeet confides in Shlok that they need to find a way to get Shagun to leave.

Priyanka notices Pankhuri getting ready and asks about her plans. Pankhuri lies, claiming she’s attending an old friend’s party. When Priyanka mentions Mayra’s vaccination, Pankhuri brushes it off, suggesting she ask Sarthak about it. Priyanka discovers Pankhuri’s phone, which contains conversations with Raj. She realizes that Raj mistook Pankhuri for herself. She decides to prevent the meeting.

Sumeet and Shlok discover Raunak near a room and pretend to converse with a fictional policeman. Apparently Akki is being held captive at Shagun’s house, they instruct him to raid Shagun’s house. Raunak contemplates informing Shagun. He takes him aside and informs him of the police raid. Shagun falls for their ruse and leaves in a hurry. Raunak believes this works to his advantage, allowing him to execute his plan to endanger Shlok with a gorilla attack.

As Sumeet enters Raunak’s room, he finds pillows on his bed rather than him. As she overhears him talking on the phone, he mentions ending the game within six hours. Recognizing the deception, Sumeet decides to follow him. As a result, he leads her astray by misleading her, enlisting the help of someone who will lead her astray. Raunak plans to have Shlok attacked by the gorilla, so that he will be in danger by the time Sumeet returns.

As Sumeet arrives at the gorilla’s location, she becomes aware that the situation may not be lawful. Nevertheless, she persists in tracking down the misleading path until she reaches the end of the street. Meanwhile, Raunak brings his father to witness the gorilla display. Poonam promptly notifies Shlok of this development and they promptly warn Sumeet. As she catches up with her target, Sumeet realizes that Raunak has intentionally misled her. Without delay, she rushes back to where the gorilla is located.

In the cage, Shlok’s father becomes frightened, but Shlok arrives and offers comfort. Raunak signals the person controlling the gorilla when she sees Shlok’s presence. When Sumeet arrives at the scene, he witnesses Shlok struggling against the menacing gorilla. Raunak shoves Shlok into the cage and locks it securely. Poonam and her family cry out for help.


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