Meet 28th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Shlok and Sumeet’s Dilemma Unfolds


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As Sumeet mentioned, a Sardar family offered her the opportunity to perform at a wedding event together. She needed to decide which song to perform. Shagun praises Sakshi for her work and wonders how Shlok will inform Sumeet of his decision. She praises Sakshi for her excellent acting, making Shlok feel guilty and agreeing not to perform at events. In a press conference, Shagun even pays off a reporter who raises questions.

Sumeet asked Shlok how he could make such a promise since their success had been gained through their performances at community weddings. Shlok replied he didn’t want his image tarnished, but Sumeet reminded him to remain true to himself. She couldn’t understand why Sakshi wouldn’t let Shlok sing at weddings, but Shlok asked why she was bringing Sakshi into this when it wasn’t her concern.

She explained that the wedding company’s dream was crucial to Anju and Rajiv, who had always supported them, even though Shlok explained that no company would allow him to perform at events. As Sumeet pointed out, they could all face legal trouble if Shlok didn’t perform. He agreed to discuss the matter with Sakshi, and Sumeet pledged to support him, concerned that Sakshi was misleading him.

Shlok informed Sakshi that he had changed his mind and would participate in the wedding function, deepening his sense of responsibility towards her. Meanwhile, Raj was struggling with remorse after cheating on Priyanka. His better judgment prompted him to call Priyanka and come clean, believing she deserved to be aware of the truth. Poonam observed Sumeet’s apprehensions and inquired about the cause of her distress, as everything appeared to be going smoothly. Sumeet voiced her concerns over Sakshi’s materialism and Shlok giving her credit for his achievements, which was putting a strain on their relationship.

Shlok informed Sumeet that Sakshi had agreed to let him perform at the event and advance him 2 lakhs. He gifted items to all family members but jokingly teased Sumeet for forgetting her gift. For their anniversary, Shlok suggested a dinner at a five-star hotel, but Sumeet reminded him of her meeting with Mr. Gill. Sakshi confided in Shagun about the potential impact of the event on Shlok and Sumeet’s relationship. Mr. Gill provided Shlok with a long list of songs for their performance, which frustrated him, causing an argument when Mrs. Gill referred to Sumeet as “Dhol Wali.” Shlok insisted they leave if they couldn’t show respect towards his wife.

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