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As Poonam approaches Sumeet, she urges her to sign the divorce papers to end her marriage with Shlok. Sumeet, however, tears the papers apart and strongly rejects the idea of separating from Shlok. Sumeet points out to Poonam that her situation cannot be judged solely based on what happened to Ashok. She accepted the challenge of becoming Shlok’s wife and a part of his family for 21 days.

As she expresses her understanding of the importance of marriage and relationships, she sheds tears. Poonam recalls a conversation she had with Shagun in the past, in which Shagun said that if Sumeet and Shlok separated, she would terminate the contract and reveal Shlok’s identity. In his conversation with Poonam, Shlok tells Poonam that his greatest happiness is being with Sumeet.

Her stubbornness and refusal to accept Sumeet have been questioned by him. Sumeet pleads with Poonam for another chance, but Poonam’s mind is influenced by Shagun’s promise about Shlok’s identity. In her ultimatum, she asks Shlok to choose between Sumeet and his family.

Both Poonam and Anju press Shlok to make a decision, but he ultimately declares his trust in the decisions he’s made, stating that Sumeet is his wife, and he will not break his promise to stand by her side. He firmly refuses to leave Sumeet, holding her hand, ready to leave with her. Despite the fact that Sumeet does not want to separate him from his family, they begin to leave, but Sumeet intervenes before Shlok and Poonam can leave.

Poonam is approached by a bike, but Sumeet shields her, getting hurt herself in the process. Shlok tends to Sumeet’s injuries as they reminisce about their shared moments, while a song plays in the background. Shlok assures Sumeet that Poonam has given her permission to remain, so they can live together.

Later, Shlok confronts Poonam in the kitchen, demanding the truth she’s been hiding. In the meantime, Vani and Abhay arrive at the Ahlawat Mansion from Shagun’s house. Raj greets them and thanks Abhay for his support. Vani explains how Shagun forced Abhay to quit his job and leave his properties. Raj assures Vani that her right to stay at the mansion remains intact.

She recalls Shlok’s past achievements, including winning a school trophy and aspiring to be a singer, as she shows him his trophies and certificates. After she discloses Shagun’s proposal to make Shlok the wonderboy, Poonam encourages Shlok to leave Sumeet and follow his dream. However, Shlok stands firm, expressing that he can forsake his dreams, but not Sumeet. The scene unfolds as Sumeet enters the room.


Sumeet is expressing concerns about Poonam’s behavior, as she allowed her to stay in the house. Poonam clarifies that, as a mother, she is worried about how much her son is sacrificing for his love. Sumeet asks for further explanation and Poonam offers her a plane ticket, implying that if she doesn’t want her husband to make sacrifices, she should leave and never come back. Sumeet becomes curious about the sacrifices and Poonam is about to reveal the truth when she notices Shlok gesturing for her to remain quiet.

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