Suhaagan 5th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Bindiya asks Krish why he keeps looking at his watch. Krish replies that he is tired and asks her not to question him. As Bindiya asks him to sleep, Krish falls asleep, but does not sleep on the pillow. He comes near Biniya and takes the pillow from under her head and says goodnight. Krish gets up and asks, “What is it?” Later in the night, she pulls his kurta, thinking it is the blanket. Bindiya says goodnight.

Bindiya had been feeling pain, so she reached for Krish’s kurta, mistaking it for a blanket. Krish kindly offered her an actual blanket and suggested that she rest. Just then, the guards arrived with Payal, who was wrapped in a blanket and accused of being a thief. Indu recommended calling the police while everyone observed Payal. Bindiya quickly went to her aid and Krish instructed her to take Payal to their room so they could assess her condition. Bindiya agreed and Payal recalled Krish’s invitation to come to his house. She assured him that she would be there within two hours.

She tells Vikram that Krish sent Bindiya’s sister directly to her room. Vikram calls her strange. Sakshi tells Vikram she must have done some kaand, and he says she wants to know the truth. Bindiya asks Payal to tell her clearly and asks if Bua has done something. Krish encourages her to be brave. Bindiya says I never lose my courage, but when it comes to Payal, I lose everything.

Payal is told to think of this house as her house by Krish, who asks them to rest and asks Biniya to tell him if she needs anything. Bindiya thanks Krish for letting her sister stay at his house, and says she won’t forget your favor. Krish says I have some connection with Payal. Bindiya says you call her Saali sahiba. Payal gets up and says I’ll sleep outside, but Krish says I’ll sleep in the guest room. He says I’ll sleep there.

Indu asks Krish, why that girl came here like a shameless girl and snatched your room. She says they might make you ghungroo and play with you. He says his peaceful place is in her lap. Indu asks if he is happy. Krish says he didn’t know that it would happen so fast. Indu says you wanted to marry as soon as possible. As he tells Krish that marriage has a lot of responsibility, he asks her to help him sleep. Krish says he didn’t do that.

Payal stops Bindiya from telling the truth. Sakshi arrives and asks if Payal is okay. She keeps the phone under the blanket and asks them to talk. Bindiya praises her. Sakshi leaves. Payal tells Bindiya that nobody will know about this in your sasural. As soon as Bindiya picks up the phone, the call gets disconnected. Payal says, since I broke up with my boyfriend, I’ve been thinking about suicide. Bindiya hugs her and asks what she’s thinking, if she’s gone mad.

Due to the loss of their parents, boyfriend, and now herself, Payal left home. She says I have ruined your wedding night. Bindiya says you didn’t think about me, so how can you think of harming yourself and hugs her. Payal smirks. She asks Bindiya to support her, so nobody will be able to stop her from winning. Bau ji will allow you to stay here for a few days, and Payal asks her not to tell Dadi anything.

Bindiya assures Sakshi that she will not reveal their conversation. Upon finding Sakshi’s phone, Bindiya informs Payal that she will return it to her. As she opens the door, Sakshi stumbles into the room. Bindiya explains that she was on her way to return the phone. Sakshi then tells Bindiya to go to sleep. Subsequently, Bindiya tucks Payal in and prays for her pain to lessen, hoping for a speedy recovery. As Payal wakes up, she expresses gratitude towards everyone for their concern and affection. She gazes at Krish’s photo frame and shares her feelings, saying she is now on his bed and will soon be a part of his life as well. Finally, she hugs the photo frame and falls asleep with a smile on her face.


Payal and Krish are romancing when Krish sees Bindiya’s name on his hand. Bindiya arrives.


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