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Suhaagan 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with a bride preparing for her wedding, while Krishna/Krish dances with the baraat. A curious girl asks Krish who he is, but Payal quickly steps in and introduces him as “Payal’s Krish” and herself as “Krish’s Payal.” She explains to the girl that they don’t believe in apologizing, which causes the girl to leave. Continuing on, Payal suggests they do what they came here for and head to the buffet stall for some chaat. Krish mentions fulfilling his promise to make Payal try chaat and she agrees it’s now time to leave. As Krish greets the ladies with hugs, Payal watches on. He then playfully lifts her up and jokes about getting married, but she reminds him that marriage is not something to joke about. She warns him that his parents will soon be searching for a suitable bride for him and he confidently replies that there is already a long line of interested girls. Seeing Payal’s concern, Krish gently comforts her before she changes the subject by mentioning having to save him from the aunties as well.

Baldev boards a bus in search of a potential match for his son Krish. However, the girl he approaches complains to her mother about an elderly man bothering her. The concerned women reprimand him, to which he explains his intention of finding a suitable partner for his son and apologizes for any inconvenience caused. He signals the car behind the bus to stop and the girl instantly apologizes upon seeing it. Baldev reminds her that if she had apologized without seeing his car, it would have brought him greater joy. He then alights from the bus and takes a seat in his car. The driver comments on Baldev’s approach, advising him that he will not find a suitable girl like this. Baldev clarifies that he is seeking a grounded and selfless girl for Krish, based on values rather than materialistic desires.

Bindiya gives him directions while Baldev remains unaware of her presence. She considers contacting Payal to inquire about the money. Krish discovers Payal’s missing earrings and becomes anxious. Payal reflects on her decision to use the earrings to teach Krish a lesson. Bindiya reaches out to her and asks how she is doing, as well as when she plans on visiting Chirayya. Payal explains that she is busy with her studies and cannot come right away like Bindiya can. As she glances at Krish’s incoming calls, a smile forms on her face. She informs Bindiya that she will come tomorrow, but accidentally drops her phone upon receiving Krish’s call which merges with Bindiya’s ongoing call.

Bindiya’s voice is heard by Krish, who thinks it’s a cross-connection. Baldev’s car stops on the way, and some goons attack. The driver flees. Despite the fact that the neighbors are not there, Bindiya calls them and tells the neighbors to give the money. The goons hear her and run after hitting Baldev’s head. She comes to Baldev and holds him and asks him not to worry. She sees blood on his head and tells him not to worry.


In Chiraiyya, Krish and Payal arrive. She asks why we are here. Bindiya calls for help for Baldev. Krish hears her.

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