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Payal asks Amma not to leave Kaveri and points a finger at Bindiya, saying she is Kaveri. When Amma sees Payal as Kaveri, she thinks I will not leave you. She holds her neck in a cuff. Bindiya says she is not Kaveri and asks Amma to go Payal. She thinks of what to do to free Payal. She breaks the glass vase on the floor to distract Amma. Amma and Payal look at the vase.

The glass piece pierces Bindiya’s foot, and Payal runs out. Amma locks the door behind her. Bindiya takes it out and tells Amma she is not Kaveri, but Payal runs out and calls Krish for help. Indu asks what is happening. Krish says that this is Payal’s sound. A servant asks them to come out. They emerge to see Payal and Amma standing there.

She shouts no, and Baldev tells Amma she is not Kaveri but Payal. Amma says you are Kaveri, and you must free my hands; otherwise, I will kill you. Payal lies and says she freed your hands as you requested, but you tied my hands, so I’m afraid that’s not right. Amma tells her that I’m not Kaveri but Payal. She says I’m not Kaveri, but Payal. She says that as soon as Indu asks the Watchman and Servant to help,

Krish says I’ll come to you if she pushes me instead of Payal, but Indu refuses to go. She asks Baldev who freed her hands, you brought trouble home, how do you see the result? Baldev asks who freed her hands. Indu asks him to ask Bindiya and says that Suhaagan couldn’t fulfil one responsibility. Bindiya knocks on the door. Baldev runs inside the house.

As Krish reaches her room, he asks Amma to free her, saying she is my Payal, not Kaveri. Baldev opens Bindiya’s door. Bindiya asks where Payal and Amma are? Baldev says they are on the terrace. Payal asks Krish not to come near; otherwise, she will make me fall. Vikram tells Sakshi that she didn’t know Amma would end Payal’s life. Vikram says everyone is in danger, and if she regards you as Kaveri in the future, Indu asks God to show the way.

Sakshi says my mind stopped working. Indu says this happens with rusted minds. She asks Baldev to call the hospital. Baldev asks the guards to bring mattresses so that if anyone falls, there will not be much injury. Bindiya comes to the terrace and signs Krish not to say anything. Payal shouts. Amma says you are alive, so you have to kill you again. Krish says I’m going, but don’t kill Payal. Amma tells her to count until three and then push Kaveri over.

Krish stops Bindiya and warns her to stay still, expressing his distrust. Bindiya defends herself by suggesting she influences Amma. Krish silences her. Indu intervenes in an attempt to diffuse the situation, fearing that she may get a heart attack from witnessing the argument. Krish requests that Bindiya help protect Payal. In response, Bindiya stands before Amma and presents her with a gift. She compliments Amma’s hairstyle and remarks that it would look even more beautiful with the addition of flowers she brought for her. She offers to tie them in Amma’s hair herself.

“Bindiya urges her to hurry down and inquires about her choice of wearing a rose or gajra in her hair. Krish is grateful to have realized that Bindiya’s plan is working. Bindiya compliments, suggesting she will resemble a beautiful moon. Noting that she has yet to adorn flowers in her hair for a while, Bindiya convinces her to do so today. Baldev suggests that Bindiya takes care of Amma while the ambulance has taken her away. Amma releases Payal’s hand and attempts to adorn the flowers in her hair. Krish escorts Payal to safety. Bindiya praises Amma’s appearance with pride, likening her to an angel.”

Amma descends the railing, admiring her reflection in the mirror. Krish escorts Payal into the hall, and Indu checks on her well-being. Payal trembles with fear while Sakshi wonders if she resembles Kaveri. Seeking protection, Sakshi hides behind Vikram and expresses her doubts. Despite her fear, Payal contemplates evil thoughts again, planning to restrain the elderly lady’s hands when Bindiya brings her over. After Bidniya leaves, Payal heads off to carry out her plan. Curious, Bindiya asks Amma about her preferences, to which she responds, “Ballu.” Baldev enters and affectionately calls Amma “Ballu.” Emotions overcome him as he cries while Amma lovingly places a hand on his forehead. She then playfully refers to him as “ballu badmash” and “ballu natkhat/mischievous,” which he confirms with a nod.

Payal holds Amma’s clothes in her hand to tie her hands. Amma says, Kaveri…I won’t leave you. She runs behind her and takes a knife, saying she wants to kill Payal. Baldev shouts Amma, no. Amma stabs her, and the blood falls on her face. They all see Bindiya coming in front of Amma to save Payal. Everyone is shocked.

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