Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 14th May 2024 Written Update: Ishwar Loses Job and Land, Ronak Abuses Roopa

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 14th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Manri expressed shock upon hearing that Ishwar claimed the school was shutting down, as it was their household’s primary income source. According to Ishwar, the school had been experiencing numerous challenges and was involved in a legal dispute. Despite Mitesh’s offer to find employment, Ishwar advised him to prioritize his education to secure a good job. Manri concurred with Ishwar’s advice and urged Mitesh to attend college, with reassurance from Ishwar that he would find a solution.

Ishwar receives an unanswered call from Kaku Bai, prompting Manri to inquire about the caller’s identity. Ishwar explains that Kaku is reminding him about an outstanding loan instalment. Manri questions the need to take a loan from Kaku, considering the difficulty in paying it back. Ishwar justifies his decision, citing high expenses incurred during a wedding and having to mortgage their house for fifteen lacs. This revelation is difficult for Manri to bear.

As Nandini finishes preparing the room, Naren joins her and expresses his gratitude. He acknowledges that she had been upset with Bapu Ji but was able to convince him through her kind demeanour. He admires how her perspective has a positive impact. Nandini agrees, mentioning how they each have their own beliefs and can choose their path, as she read in a book. Naren finds this mindset refreshing and asks if he can adopt it by forgiving her husband. At these words, Nandini breaks down in tears and embraces him tightly.

She hugs him tightly, explaining that he is her most important source of happiness. Naren is even emotional when Nandini tells him she forgot Mitesh’s birthday. Still, Naren remembered it all and even planned it. Naren says all the things of the world on one side, along with the scolding of their wife’s brother; Nandini says she will first stay at the farm and even complain to her mother about him when he says she should give a lot of love to Maa.

After signing the farm papers with MLA Khemji in the office, the officer thanks him both and assures them he will handle the paperwork, Khemji informs Parag, but Hemraj congratulates the MLA saying he got close to his dream, but what about his dream? Parag orders Parag first to put the board of his name on the farm, and Hemraj MLA does not even talk about his land on the highway; Parag advises him not to back down from his commitment and keep a cool head.

As Naren and Nandini are sleeping at night, there is a knock on the door. Nandini tries to get up, but Naren stops her. Roopa runs to Nandini pointing at the door, Naren stops Ronak, who warns Naren not to interfere with them. If Ronak continues to do this, Naren warns him that he will take him to Bapu Jee. Roopa tells him that he came home after drinking at Naini’s house, and when she stopped, he became angry.

Hemraj says had Naren not shown the courage, it would have been Kirti in place of Nandini today, and when Ronak asks her to come along, Naren threatens to take him to the police if he even considers touching Roopa. When Roopa comes into the room, Ronak vows to teach her a lesson, but as he leaves, she starts crying, so Naren and Nandini rush to comfort her.

As Ishwar sits outside, Manri joins him and expresses concern about their current situation. She acknowledges that he lost his job, and Kaku may demand repayment. She suggests that staying awake like this will not solve their problems. Ishwar agrees, understanding her point. He then proceeds to recount what happened when he went to the farm earlier in the day. It turns out that Hemraj had sold their land to Arjun Khemji without informing them. Ishwar recalls that Arjun Khemji’s men had previously tried to purchase their land, but Nandini intervened in time to stop it. However, this time, Hemraj went through with the sale, despite knowing how much Arjun had wanted their land. Ishwar wonders what Hemraj stands to gain from this decision.

Ishwar inquires if Manri knows Hemraj’s statement when he acquired the land, claiming that Ishwar’s efforts were solely responsible for the property and only the ownership would change. However, Ishwar then reveals that Hemraj said something different and went against his word, resulting in losing his job and the farm. At present, as they approach their home, both Ishwar and Manri are overcome with emotions, uncertain if they can salvage the house. The situation seems incomprehensible to Ishwar, while Manri sadly adds that Surbhi had no other option but to sacrifice herself in the well they no longer possess.

Naren says to Roopa Bhabhi that a permanent solution must be found, and he suggests that they should consult Bapu Ji. Nandini replies that Bapu Jee will throw Ronak out, which Virel and Samta Kaki cannot bear. Naren states that the house has been like this ever since Roopa and Ronak got married. Nandini asks if anyone will support him. Roopa replies that he cares only about Naini. Nandini asks what the reason behind it is.

Roopa replies because Ronak believes that Naini is the only one who understands it. Nandini agrees with Roopa, but Naren questions what she is saying as everyone in the house thinks of him. Nandini asks why he listens to Naini. Naren replies that he knows no one likes Ronak’s actions. Nandini replies that she will stand by him. Naren says Nandini is misled if she thinks Ronak will listen to her.

Ronak thinks of Naini as she listens to her. Then Nandini tells Roopa that if they want to change his point of view, they need to convince him first that they are all his well-wishers and that Naini is incorrect in telling him how Roopa is the best. After explaining that even Bapu Jee listened to him, Naren agreed to Nandini’s plan. He then asks Nandini how she will do everything, and she starts thinking about it.


Upon asking Shiv to stop, Naren starts reading and discovers the truth. Nandini requests Manri to tell the truth about what they asked, so Manri says they lost everything. Nandini is emotional as she walks to the house while Naren is worried.

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