Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini informs Ishwar that he brought Hemraj to visit the farm. Manri inquires about why he got the property documents, which Nandini also questions. Ishwar calmly sips his tea and clarifies that it was Mehul’s file containing records of the wedding expenses. Nandini then asks if it is wise to visit the farm at that moment. Manri explains that they didn’t have any other opportunity to show it, and Nandini nods in agreement.

As Vishaka asked Naren where they were going on their honeymoon, Mitesh asked what the point of being nervous was since both Ishwar and Manri had already gone. Manri slapped Mitesh and then took Ishwar away. Vishaka said that they had to tell him now. Naren says he can go anywhere with Nandini, but Nandini is not interested. Mitesh jokes with Naren, and Nandini informs him they are going to Goa.

Naini hands the set to the jeweller, inquiring about its value. The jeweller’s response of only two lacs prompts Naini to ask if it could be worth more. She explained that she admired the design and wanted to know its rate. While Naini is on a call with Ronak, she says she misses him. He questions if she took the necklace, and she responds that he instructed her to take whatever was on the bed. Ronak appears puzzled and asks if she lacks common sense. Naini retorts that she could even throw it away, but Ronak reassures her he will come and collect it himself. To his surprise, Roopa appears before him as he arrives.

Jigar inquires why Ronak has not yet brought the necklace and advises them not to worry about it. He suggests that they both stop standing in one place. Roopa compliments Ronak on his excellent taste and shares a passion for household items. As Ronak attempts to leave the house, Chanchal asks if he managed to retrieve the necklace. Ronak responds that he cannot recall where he placed it but assures them that he will find it and return it. Hemraj stops Ronak from leaving, stating that finding the necklace should take precedence. Disappointed, Ronak leaves the house as Jalpa comments that selling the necklace would have been better.

As Ishwar approaches, Naren is already seated and again apologises. Ishwar reassures Naren that his actions are well-intentioned, but unfortunately, his father and society do not understand this. With a gesture of goodwill, Ishwar hands Naren a check for his family. In return, Naren promises to always uphold the honour of Ishwar and Nandini in their home. Meanwhile, Manri begins to remove her clothes only to have them snatched away by Nandini. In frustration, Manri states that if Nandini continues interfering, she will refuse to return to Rajkot. Later on, while entering the bedroom, Nandini comes across a file belonging to Ishwar from the day of her departure and becomes incensed.

Nandini steps outside, wondering why no one has informed her about Ishwar’s health. Naren reveals that Mitesh had shared the news with him, but he prevented him from telling Nandini as it would only cause her distress. Feeling excluded and worried for her uncle, Nandini questions if she has a right to be concerned. Ishwar reassures her not to think that way. As they leave with Vishaka, Manri stops Ishwar and asks why he seemed tense during the ritual. Ishwar admits he cannot recall the reason. Manri brings up the possibility of Nandini finding out about the farm being given to her father-in-law. Concerned, Ishwar and Manri agree to keep an eye on things.

Ronak says he cannot leave the house, so how will he bring the necklace when Naini says she can come to his house? He replies that if she does, he will be expelled from both the family and this house. As Roopa stands, Ronak looks at her angrily, telling him it won’t do him any good. Then, she says she knows something that can save him.

Naren enters the room, expressing his exhaustion. Nandini reassures him that she is doing well after seeing her family. Naren reminds her to consider those who cannot be with their loved ones. As Nandini heads to the bathroom, Chanchal informs Naren that their father calls for him. Nandini suggests joining them to see their father, but Chanchal stops her. This prompts Nandini to comment on respecting one’s in-laws. She then exits the room as Naren assures her he will handle everything. However, despite his reassurance, Nandini remains worried.

Hemraj angrily says that Ishwar would have requested him to pay the hotel bill as Naren goes to take his father’s blessing, but he immediately starts scolding him for going there and paying the hotel bill. When Hemraj says he wants to correct his mistake, Naren hands him the cheque Ishwar gave. Ishwar spent the bill to correct his mistake because he thought it would relieve his uncle’s financial burdens. Naren replies, “Ishwar did it to correct the mistake he made because he paid the bill so it would lessen the financial burden of Ishwar uncle and nothing else,”

When Hemraj says Naren will spend after his permission, Naren agrees, but asks for permission to ask a question. Hemraj replies no one in the family has the courage to ask him. Naren responds that he once bought a book for him that said one should have courage to ask the question, and he has received the question. Hemraj is furious.


After Hemraj warns Naren not to be his father, he should leave with his wife if he believes he has become independent. Naren hugs Nandini, who wonders what kind of family it is if there is no peace.

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