Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 24th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s Triumph and Return

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 24th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini goes by the well, calling her mother and asking if she knows what her daughter has done today: defeating the tradition of dowry that took her and Joyti’s lives. She asks if her mother understands why she won because she never accepted defeat. Nandini wishes her mother had also not accepted defeat so she could have been with them today. Nandini hugs Manri, Ishwar, and Mitesh.

At night, Hetal rushes in and wants to know what is happening. Chanchal reassures her that she is right there. Hetal explains that Chanchal will understand once she hears Nandini’s voice at night. She then turns to Samta and asks how much gold she brought. She poses the same question to Jalpa and Roopa, mentioning that Chanchal got everything into the house. They all are doing it for Hemraj Ratansi’s sake. Suddenly, he appears behind them and tells Hetal not to yell, urging her to speak.

He is shown the phone, and Hetal asks who is responsible. She asks Dhawal if he can recognize the body, explaining that it is Kirti’s body. Dhawal can only remember one person, Hemraj Ratansi. Hetal asks what happened to him. She tells him that this body belongs to his niece and her daughter, and he tells her not to worry because he will give her so much dowry that it will hide her color.

Hetal replies that his dowry could not hide her color, and after that, she starts crying, saying her daughter has lived such a strange life and has not told anyone about her sufferings, only continuing to live in this manner because of her mother. Jigar tries to help her, but Hetal says that the day is not too far off when, like the mother of Nandini, she is going to die. Hetal sits on the floor. Chanchal asks her to calm down, but Hetal says Hemraj needs to give the dowry to her in-laws so that she can die,

She says she will take responsibility for her daughter, so she has decided to end her suffering. She tells Jigar that her daughter will arrive here in two days, but she won’t let her become a burden on them. Jigar encourages her to calm down. Hemraj leaves when Hetal tells him he is going. Hemraj sits on his couch, thinking about something.

In the morning Nandini is performing the pooja at the house when she goes out asking everyone what has happened, Manri, Mitesh and Ishwar are worried, so Nandini says they should wish her when she leaves. Ishwar replies Nandini has made the family her enemy so would Hemraj let her come inside, Nandini replies that she knows she will be angry with them, but her relationship still is with them, and she won the dowry case, but now it is time for her to return home.

Manri says Nandini has proven to be her daughter; Nandini replies that Manri once again said the wrong thing as it is only the responsibility of boys when Manri says Nandini corrects their mistakes in small things and has changed the point of view of the entire society.

Samta brings tea for everyone, but they do not drink it. Samta asks why they asked her to make it when she has been working in the kitchen for so long. Nandini comes to the door and seeks permission to enter; Dhawal refuses, saying she returned the dowry and shouldn’t be in the house. Hemraj stops her, saying she can’t come here after so much has happened, so he forces her to stay there,

According to Dhawal, Hemraj plans to remove Nandini’s belongings from the house and prevent her from returning. However, Hemraj disagrees with this notion and proceeds to Nandini with the pot of liquid for the ritual. He points out that when she first arrived at their house, she brought dowry, but this time, she is breaking tradition by not getting any. He happily welcomes her back into the house as part of completing the ritual. With a smile on his face, Hemraj steps back as Nandini enters once more.

Hemraj tells Nandini that she has performed the Grah Pravesh once but now will enter the hearts of the Ratansi family, so he welcomes her while Naren holds his hand and apologizes for doing whatever he was forced to. In addition to explaining that elders have advised that one should face difficulties in life, Hemraj says he does not need to join hands. He realizes his mistake and all the women’s phones ring. Jalpa is shocked at the amount.

As Hetal explains, Hemraj has returned all the dowry money he had taken and made preparations for Kirti to return. In addition, he informs Roopa that Raunak has realized his mistake and is ready to seek treatment, but Roopa is welcome to stay in this house if she likes, explaining that this is her family and she is like their daughter. Chanchal asks if Hemraj will even invite Nandini inside,

Nandini informs that some family members want to join, so she calls them and joins Hemraj, the other leader of the group. The other leaders express their confidence in Hemraj’s leadership and humbly request him to once again take on the responsibility. Hemraj graciously accepts, but with one condition—he would like a junior leader who can guide him. He suggests Nandini for this role.

After Hemraj turns to Nandini, all the other leaders agree that Nandini is not a member of their group, and they all express their distaste for her. In response to Naren’s advice, Nandini takes the blessing of Hemraj, who replies she took it from him, but they should see if the person who should give it does so. Nandini is blessed by Anousya Baa, who tells the family they should get her eye treatment now. Hemraj laughs with everyone.

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