Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Jalpa tells Hetal that a scene has occurred stating that Nandini, the new daughter-in-law of the Ratansi family, and her family members have made Naren pay for the hotel. He asks Jalpa why she is so happy about it when she has been told to take care of her ill thoughts. She can’t watch TV serials, but she should be allowed to enjoy them, saying that they should at least pay attention to the unborn child.

As Samta asks her what happened when Jalpa asked if anyone raised their voice against Hemraj when he said what Naren asked, Hetal looks angry when she says she got scared. Hetal says Samta always likes to gossip when she says if Hemraj even asks her a question, he will have an objection.

Hemraj expresses curiosity about his son’s question, while Naren brings up an incident at the hotel and reminds Hemraj of his advice not to lie. Naren questions why Hemraj said something untrue when they could have been honest. Hemraj turns to Chanchal and mentions her proposal to unite their families even though they are considered inferior in society.

He says that if he had told the truth, Naren would have started the drama in front of everyone. He says Naren should not try to become his father because he recalls his anger. When Naren was forced to stand in the heat by his father, he was punished by having to learn everything before he could eat or drink anything when he kept doing so. Getting emotional makes Naren unable to speak.

While Nandini is occupied in her room, Hetal suggests it’s fortunate she’s preoccupied while hugging her. Nandini explains that they intended to visit her, but Bapu jee summoned Naren. She then proceeds to close the wardrobe. Hetal considers how if Nandini were to leave the room, she may learn about the conflict between father and son. She requests Nandini’s help with applying a pin. Hemraj volunteers to inform Naren of the rules, emphasizing his exclusivity in questioning them. Furthermore, he advises that if Naren truly desires self-sufficiency, he should depart the household with his wife.

Chanchal questions why Naren is being scolded by Hemraj when Ishwar has already provided the money. Chanchal then sends Naren to his room while Hemraj instructs Dhawal to deposit the cheque at the bank. Turning to Chanchal’s statement that their questions cannot be ignored forever, Naren enters the room and is surprised to see Hetal. She asks if he is okay and informs him that Nandini has packed his things for Goa, urging him to forget everything and enjoy. As she leaves, she greets Nandini, who asks Naren if she can pack anything else and reminds him about giving the cheque to Bapu ji. In response, Naren explains that he only took it and didn’t get to talk to Bapu ji about it because his head is hurting. Sensing his discomfort, Nandini offers to massage his head.

Jalpa is shocked when Jigar asks if he was asked to leave. Jigar says she should think if Naren leaves the house, he will get everything that belongs to Naren, which he has always dreamed of having, and he will become the king. When Hetal enters, he says he has proven he is just like his father, saying it is okay to be ambitious, but he is still waiting for his brother to leave. Jalpa tries to argue, but Hetal also says she is jealous.

She advises Jalpa to think just good; otherwise, it might be wrong. She replies that she came here with one hundred tola gold while Nandini was empty-handed. Hetal warns them both to mend their ways, stating that she will reveal their true faces to Hemraj otherwise. Jigar asks Jalpa to calm down because Hetal can still do whatever she is saying, and Jalpa says she’ll greet Hetal as a teacher when she sees her again. As Hetal turns to leave, Jalpa stops when she meets her, and Hetal stops suddenly.

Nandini is massaging Naren’s head, saying she will free him from the promise she made in Upleta, knowing he is hurt, but not saying anything when Naren replies that his father is angry with him. Nandini says he has given the money, Naren says it’s not about the money but he asked a question, Nandini sitting next to him asks what the question was.

The question was why he asked it since only Seth Hemraj has the right to ask it, and today, he broke the house’s ritual. As Nandini hugs Naren tightly, he embraces her as well. As she asks him what kind of family this is when there is no peace in the house, and Naren is crying, she wonders what Bapu Jee said to Naren.

Hemraj gets furious at Chanchal, asking what he could have done when Naren dared to ask him a question in front of Dhawal and Jigar. Chanchal argues that Dhawal is not so clean, but Hemraj doesn’t say anything, so he says he is not their father. By letting Naren leave when he desired it, Chanchal asks what he hopes to prove,

Hemraj wonders what his role is when he has ensured that Naren remains obedient and takes pride in the fact that Naren has elevated the business to new levels. However, when Chanchal brings up the topic of his mistakes, Hemraj questions if she is even listening to herself. Clarifying that she didn’t mean it that way, Chanchal insists she wants to offer her perspective. Hemraj clarifies that he needs her support and not interference in his decisions. Chanchal acknowledges Naren’s growth but also points out an increase in his self-respect. She states that if Naren were to leave the house, she would follow suit. This situation worries Hemraj greatly.

Nandini is unable to sleep at night, so she lights the lamps, which irritates Naren. He asks her to close the door, and she walks out of the room, holding the book.

Hemraj is walking when he sees the lamp turned on and sees Nandini reading the book while drinking water. She then walks to get more water in the kitchen as he watches. Naren wakes up from the dream and is shocked to see his father sitting on the chair. He recalls when Hemraj used to wake him up in the morning to prepare for the exams and throw water at him.


Anousya Baa agrees with Jalpa. Chanchal is shocked to see Nandini standing there. They first saw the eggshells, and now the business has suffered a huge loss.

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