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It appears that Anupama and Anuj are looking at each other. As she is about to fall down, Anuj holds her hand and recalls freeing him. Tere liye… plays….. She tries to free her hands. Anuj leaves her hand. Yashdeep asks Anupama if she is fine and thanks her, informing him that Anupama will be handling curries and chutneys for the staff at the event. He asks if we should start the meeting. Anupama says she is feeling unwell and runs away.

Ansh assures Ishani that he will complete the level in the game. Grateful, Ishani thanks him. Meanwhile, Kavya approaches Mahi and asks about the truth he mentioned earlier. Babu Ji shares a childhood memory of Vanraj being scolded for calling him Babu Ji and sends Mahi to retrieve Churan from Baa. Suggesting they have paan together, he turns to Kavya. Elsewhere, Yashdeep searches for Anupama and suspects they may know each other. Suddenly, Anuj calls out to Anu and rushes towards her. At the same time, Shruti arrives and wonders if their meeting is cancelled. She considers calling Anuj to confirm. Meanwhile, hoping for her father’s love, Mahi prays to God while Baa overhears and implores Kanha ji to grant her wish.

Shruti’s anxiety rises when Anuj fails to answer her call. Overwhelmed with emotion, Anupama sobs and asks why he appeared before her. Anuj admits that seeing her has become a habit, and their love will never fade. He confesses that he felt as if he died when she left him and their daughter. Living without her brought neither joy nor sorrow, just an emptiness. Now, she has once again left him, causing the same pain to re-enter his life. However, Anupama reassures him that she never left him and that her happiness always lies with him. She hoped they would move on and find lasting happiness after a few days of sadness. But hearing his hurtful words was too much for her to bear. Yashdeep enters the scene and overhears Anupama, admitting that she is a part of Anuj’s past and does not want to cause him any more pain by being in his life again.

Vanraj discusses the tower with Babu ji and emphasizes the importance of change. Babu ji echoes his sentiments, acknowledging that change is necessary regardless of whether or not it happens. Baa expresses her initial doubts, noting that she didn’t think Babu ji would agree. Babu ji sympathizes with the issue at hand, expressing his disappointment as the towering structure is taking over more and more homes. Vanraj gratefully thanks him for understanding. In recognition of his support, Vanraj proposes to name the tower after Babu Ji and promises to handle all relevant paperwork. However, Babu Ji reminds him that Anupama still owns a share of the property, requiring her signature and NOC (no objection certificate) to make any decisions. This realization angers Vanraj, who angrily brings up Anupama’s name in response.

Yashdeep kindly brings coffee for Anupama and talks about the uncomfortable moments in life. He acknowledges that, ideally, he should not be there, but he cannot bear to see her in pain. Life tests us all, and today, it is her turn. Anupama apologizes for ruining their meeting, and Yashdeep reassures her that work will still get done. He emphasizes acknowledging our emotions and dealing with our pain instead of hiding it. Pari has her parents to rely on, so Anupama should not worry. He reminds her that it’s okay to be vulnerable and human sometimes despite being seen as a superhero. She asks Anupama to take all the time she needs before they leave together.


In a flashback, Anuj sees Anupama and him dancing. Toshu asks Anupama where she has been for the last 5 years, and she tells Anuj that he was in New York but didn’t call even once. Aadhya warns Anuj not to meet that woman, as he will lose her forever.

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