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Anupama written update

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A doctor assures Kavya that her baby is fine over the phone. She comforts herself that everything is fine and reports are normal, and then wonders why she fears something. Dimpy is told to cover a milk utensil in the kitchen and to not make a mess. Dimpy asks her to speak slowly so her friends will listen. A friend of Dimpy enters the kitchen wearing footwear. Leela asks her to leave it outside. The friend feels insulted.

According to Leela, there is nothing wrong with elders teaching youngsters. However, her statement results in Dimpy’s friend feeling insulted, causing them to leave with their other friends. Despite Dimpy pleading for them to stay and apologizing on behalf of Leela, an argument between the two ensues. Vanraj returns from work and reprimands them for their constant bickering. As the argument continues, Kavya attempts to diffuse the situation by calming down Leela and asking Dimpy to stop arguing. In a fit of anger, Dimpy throws a glass of water onto the floor before storming out. Kavya tries to stop her but accidentally steps on the glass and falls flat on her stomach. Vanraj rushes her to the hospital for treatment.

As Anupama receives an intuition that Kavya may not be feeling well, she offers a prayer to the higher powers for their safety. A call comes in, prompting her to inquire about Kavya’s well-being before rushing to the hospital where Vanraj is already present. Kavya expresses her fears and breaks down, worried about her baby’s health. In an attempt to comfort her, both Anupama and Vanraj assure her that everything will be alright. The doctor then takes Kavya for a checkup while Vanraj silently prays for their baby’s well-being. Anupama takes note of his use of “their” when referring to the baby and expresses her joy at hearing him acknowledge Kavya as the mother of their child. Meanwhile, back at home, Leela shares her concerns for Kavya’s baby and warns Dimpy that she will face consequences if anything happens to the unborn child.

Dimpy angrily tells Kavya to watch her step on the wet floor, knowing that she didn’t do it on purpose. Toshu reprimands Dimpy for her carelessness, questioning if she is unaware of the precautions needed around a pregnant woman. Samar takes Dimpy’s side and defends her, but is also scolded by Toshu. Overcome with emotion, Dimpy goes to the kitchen in tears and confides in Kinjal that she didn’t mean to cause any harm. She urges Kinjal to stay calm and explains that Leela was just upset and blamed her for it. She asks Kinjal to pray for Kavya’s baby.

After reviewing Kavya’s ultrasound report, the doctor informs Vanraj and Anupama that the baby is fine, but Kavya is still experiencing stomach pains and should be monitored for 24 hours. Anupama comforts Vanraj. Dimpy asks Samar if he talked to Vanraj, if Kavya is okay. He says he spoke to Anuj and he told him the baby was fine, but Kavya needed to be under observation for 24 hours. Dimpy says she will be with him and Toshu.

Samar reminds her to be at home and says anger only leads to trouble. Dimpy believes she will not react even if Leela scolds her, and prays for Kavya’s baby’s protection. Anuj tells Anu that Kavya and Vanraj were so happy during the baby shower ceremony, but today they are both tensed. Anupama tries to inform him that Anirudh is Kavya’s baby’s father and not Vanraj when Toshu and Samar walk to them.

Vanraj recalls the precious moments he shared with Kavya after hearing her pregnancy news, followed by her unexpected revelation. Upon seeing them, Samar and Toshhu inquire about Kavya’s well-being and that of her baby. Anuj assures them that they are both doing well. Samar then defends Dimpy, while Toshu disagrees. Anuj intervenes and reminds them that this is not the appropriate place to argue. Toshu then wonders who is taking care of Pakhi, as she is not safe with Adhik around. Anupama remembers how Adhik had hurt Pakhi before. In the meantime, Pakhi makes jelly for Choti Anu and asks Romil if he would like some as well. Romil happily accepts and advises her to stop enduring her husband’s physical, mental, and verbal abuse or else it will only continue to torment her.

As Pakhi warns him, it is none of his business. Romil says he thought husband-praying aunts only existed in movies, but he can see one here. As a younger brother, Pakhi supports him and recommends he stop fighting with Adhik because their fight is affecting Choti Anu. Adhik hears their conversation.

She pleads with Leela not to scold Dimpy. Vanraj tells her to calm down or else it will affect the baby. Kavya panics and calls the nurse. Vanraj says their baby is fine. Kavya feels happy hearing that and asks if he accepted her baby. Vanraj replies that he spoke in emotions.


As Vanraj tells Anupama that he can’t accept Anirudh’s baby, Anuj asks if Vanraj visited her at midnight to discuss the matter. A lady bumps on their car. Anupama is shocked to see Guru Maa in such a state.


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