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Anupama written update

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Despite Adhik spraying a pain killer on Leela’s knee, her pain hasn’t gone away. Anupama relaxed and said she frightened her. Toshu asks them to come to the dance floor soon. Choti Anu announces Anupama’s solo performance. Anuj says the dance session is over. As Choti Anu points out, mummy is an excellent dancer, so her solo performance is essential. Kavya admonishes Anupama to forget about her worries for a while and perform.

He recommends she forget that she is a student and perform. Anupama agrees and dances to the song Sohlasingar Karke Godibharayi Me… Everyone joins her and dances around Kavya. Kavya says she feels weak. Anupama makes her sit. Leela asks Paakhi to bring juice for Kavya. Kavya says her baby is the real reason for her tension. Kavya says her baby.

When Kinjal returns home and greets everyone, she says she managed her work and rushed here. Vanraj says her arrival made everyone happier. Dimpy remarks that Kinjal works for her mother’s company, but acts as if she does all the work; she’s just trying to prove how important she is. Dimpy is called outside the house by Anuj and he tells her he considers her a member of his family; he has observed her misbehavior toward Anupama for several days now and he will not tolerate it.

When Dimpy says she knew it would always be about Anupama, whether it was at Shah or Kapadia, she is rude. Although Anuj warns Dimpy to stop misbehaving and remembers what Anupama did for her, Dimpy is completely indifferent; she shouldn’t forget that she is at Kapadia and Shah’s house just because of Anupama; her husband is a grown man, but has become a wife’s puppet and is going against his mother; their decision to join Malti Devi is a mistake, and Anupama suffers the consequences.

Dimpy yells that all elders think Anupama is great and youngsters should follow her blindly; they have their own brains and will not blindly follow Anuj and Anupama; if Anupama has a rift with Malti Devi, it isn’t their concern; they are simply focused on their career. Anuj says she is proud of a dance academy that is given by Anupama. Dimpy has come here because of Anupama. Anupama hears their conversation. Dimpy spills venom against Anupama once more.

Anuj believes they made a mistake by helping a helpless girl, assuming she would move on from her past. However, they were not aware of her ingratitude and selfishness. Dimpy feels that everyone views her as wrong, yet no one speaks up when Kinjal does something wrong. Anuj questions what wrong Kinjal has done. Dimpy cannot recall it at the moment. She explains that they all consider Kinjal to be in the wrong because she is honest, but being honest is seen as bad while being diplomatic is viewed as good. According to Dimpy, Samar was deemed “bad” for standing up for himself, while it is accepted for Anupama to work for Malti Devi.

She makes all kinds of theories to justify herself, Anuj says, but if she tries to understand.. Dimpy says she understands that Anupama is a devi for all and kids are monsters. A broken Anupama walks away from Dimpy when she hears her hatred for her. Anuj and Dimpy notice her leaving. Anuj tells Dimpy not to address elders by name. Anupama becomes upset when she recalls Dimpy’s words.

Samar joins Dimpy. Anuj tells them they don’t understand his words, but they should handle themselves before life teaches them a lesson. Dinner begins. Adhik grins at Paakhi. Hasmukh says dinner is good since Anupama made it. Toshu says the party is still on. Leela asks what’s left. Toshu says whatever hasn’t taken place yet and throws mics at Vanraj and Anuj.

Vanraj and Anuj start discussing their life partner. Dimpy comments that another drama has begun. He apologizes for not valuing Kavya and says he made many mistakes in his first marriage and will not repeat his mistakes in his second marriage, promising to be a good husband and father and giving his child the happiness she deserves. His tears are wiped away.

As Anuj begins his speech, he apologizes to Anupama for not standing by her side when she needed him most, but she has never complained. He thanks her for teaching him to love and live, and promises not to repeat his mistakes. She always felt proud of Anuj Kapadia, so he says he will be Anuj Kapadia again.


During the song Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye…, Shahs dance. Kavya informs Anupama that the baby does not belong to Vanraj and asks her how to correct her mistake.

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