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Sumeet storms towards Raunak in a fit of rage, warning him that his wrongdoing must come to an end. Before Shagun can reach the judge, Shlok steps in and stops her. Surprised, Shagun is questioned by Shlok about her evidence and the need for proof according to the law. Sumeet makes Raunak lie down while she holds a trident over him. Meanwhile, Shlok reveals to Shagun that Raj and Priya are already together, which causes her to panic. Pleading with Shlok to release her, he instead guides her to a chair where Raj ties her hands and gags her.

Sumeet is furious, accusing Raunak of betraying their sacred bond of marriage. She vows to teach him the consequences of defying a woman’s fight for her husband. A judge appears and Raunak pleads that he does not want to face death by hanging. Eventually, he agrees to confess everything that transpired on their wedding night. Soon after, Shlok’s family arrives, accompanied by Bitti. Raunak admits that he was not intimate with Sumeet that night and clarifies that he did indeed make it to the wedding but was later arrested by the police on drug-related charges. Despite Shagun’s attempts to silence him, Raunak persists in telling the truth.

Raunak admits that he had no intentions of ruining his career, which is why Shagun resorted to having Shlok wear the same sherwani and take his place at the altar in order to cover up the truth. Sumeet then questions Raunak about Shlok’s lack of memory from that night. Raunak then confesses that Shlok was drugged, causing him to forget what happened during those two hours. He further asserts that he cannot be held responsible for Priya’s death as he was in jail at the time of her marriage. According to Raunak, it was Shlok who was behind it all. However, Sumeet later reveals that Priya is actually alive and the entire scheme was orchestrated by Raj and Shlok.

Raunak publicly confesses, facing criticism from those who now agree with Sumeet’s judgement. The judge announces punishments for both Raunak and Shagun. Poonam is stunned by the revelation. Sumeet is praised by Shlok’s grandmother for her determination. Raj embraces Sumeet, while Shlok reminds Poonam that he had already mentioned his marriage to Sumeet. He affirms that he cannot marry Bitti, as Sumeet is his wife. As they hold hands, Shlok and Sumeet reflect on their past together. Raunak grows agitated and pulls out a gun, threatening Sumeet with retaliation if he ends up in jail.

Shlok’s fierce encounter with Raunak leaves him injured. Upon seeing this, Sumeet urges him to release Raunak and uses her veil to tend to his wound. Meanwhile, Raunak declares that he no longer considers Shagun as his mother and is now an orphan. Shagun, heartbroken by this revelation, warns Sumeet that she will come back for revenge. Undeterred, Sumeet grabs some colored powder and approaches Shlok. She explains that on the night of their marriage, she had recognized him despite his intoxicated state and had accepted him wholeheartedly. Sumeet then questions Shlok if he still considers their marriage valid. In response, Shlok applies vermilion (sindoor) to her forehead, confirming their marriage and leaving Bitti broken-hearted. Raj suggests that they re-marry with proper rituals. Finally, Sumeet receives blessings from Poonam.


The two are riding a bike together. Sumeet is about to do the kalash ceremony to enter Shlok’s house, but Poonam stops her and asks them to sign divorce papers.

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