Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 3rd August 2023 Written Update


Barsatein 3rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene opens with Aradhana’s mother Malini celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with her devoted husband Viren. Viren serenades her with a song, Dil diya hai…. The crowd applauds in appreciation. The guests admire Malini and her exceptional daughters. Harsh speculates if she is still alive. Viren embraces his daughters lovingly. Harsh urges them to leave the house where bad blood runs rampant. Aradhana is overwhelmed and recalls his hurtful words, causing her to faint. Vivek reassures her that he will handle the situation. Meanwhile, Reyansh returns home, only to be scolded by Vivek for not being able to handle love and burning it instead.

Reyansh inquires about the source of information, to which Vikram responds and he feels she deserves it. Vivek then questions if Reyansh will make a decision, and Reyansh expresses his belief that all girls are alike. Kadambari asks if Reyansh loves her, to which he confesses that he made a mistake by falling in love. He also admits that he shares Vivek’s DNA and thus, got hurt. Referring to Kadambari, he says that if he had followed her path, his heart would have been hardened. Interrupting this discussion, Vivek states that Reyansh wouldn’t have acted this way if they shared the same DNA. Seeing Aradhana crying, Jagruti offers her a shawl and suggests having noodles. Aradhana reflects upon how everything has changed because of Reyansh’s actions and wonders about her identity now. She believes that none of this would have happened if her character hadn’t been defamed by Reyansh and she holds him responsible for taking away everything from her. She is left questioning who she truly is and where she can go from here.

Jagruti mentions seeing mumma receive a post from Dehradun. Perhaps she knows about your biological mother. Later, Malini wakes up and closes the window. Aradhana reveals that she was given up by her birth mother and raised by Bhakti. A storm is approaching and she tells Jagruti to leave before it hits. However, Jagruti insists for her to come home and keep fighting without giving up. Aradhana declines, realizing that she has no right to demand anything from her father. Pooja arrives and takes Aradhana’s side, blaming herself for the situation and how they met Reyansh because of her mistake. She also expresses her dislike towards him and embraces Aradhana in a hug.

Vivek says you defamed that girl, you wanted to marry her. Reyansh says she deserves it. Kadambari says no girl deserves such punishment, you loved her, what happened then. He says, she went to a hotel room with her ex. In Aradhana’s words, we girls like bad boys. I fell in love with him, I didn’t think he would ever change, I was hurt, he broke me. Pooja says you want to stay with me. Aradhana says no. Pooja tells Aradhana to come home with her. Aradhana goes home.

Reyansh says she is a liar like you. He breaks the bottles. He says you never understood love, I saw my father crying for you. Kadambari asks him to stop. Reyansh says he won’t let this happen to him. She shouts stop it. It’s not fair for you all to punish her and make a video of her, according to her. I want to get rid of her and punish her, he says.

Vivak slaps him. He asks if you thought about her parents, our company, you fool, love doesn’t punish, it tolerates, it doesn’t take revenge, it supports, that video got viral on every news channel because of you. Aradhana is sad. She says her life changed. Vikram asks if you’re okay. Pooja argues with him.

According to Aradhana, revenge crossed his mind when his ego was hurt. Vikram reassures that despite this, he still has strong feelings for you and is slightly irrational. He was upset upon seeing you with your ex-boyfriend Mayank in a hotel room. Aradhana recalls the lies she told. Reyansh asks about a specific video. Vivek reminds her that she left her phone at the bar and to consider her actions. Reyansh sees the news and is taken aback. Aradhana questions why he didn’t communicate with her instead of assuming things, but now understands what caused this situation and how wrong it is to think negatively.


Sunaina says we need to stop it. He says it’s your fault, you’re fired, and Reyansh breaks things in his office. Aradhana meets Reyansh.

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