Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

According to Samarth’s grandmother, marriage puts an end to pursuing one’s interests. She instructs her daughter-in-law to speak up. Similarly, Samarth’s mother shares that she used to have a strong passion for music, but after getting married, her focus has solely been on managing the household. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Reva are admiring their surroundings and remark on the beauty of nature and the weather. Ishaan suggests they do something and Reva inquires about his idea. He playfully asks her to retrieve the gold she stole from the bank.

She mentions PPP and brings the papad, discussing their papad pie party. He enjoys his meal and kindly offers her some. Reva smiles and shares that she’s exhausted from all the running he made her do. He expresses surprise, mentioning that he heard she was an experienced trekker and wonders how she got tired so quickly. Setting up for the night, he lays out a sleeping mat and asks if she brought one as well. Realizing she didn’t, he insists she use his while he stays awake. However, Reva declines, saying she won’t be able to sleep anyway. He then suggests they sit instead and assures her it’s no trouble to share the mat. He points out that this is his favorite spot, where he often comes for some tranquility.

After trying the samosa, Samarth is asked by Bhavani whether he enjoyed it. She mentions that Savi made it. However, Samarth’s grandmother comments that everyone claims their daughters make food from scratch when they actually purchase it. Savi denies this and rejects the idea of lying. Ninad compliments Savi, stating that she not only manages household tasks but also runs errands around the city with her scooter. Samarth’s father adds that Savi doesn’t need to do any work at their house as they have hired help. Bhavani points out that Savi takes care of all the household chores and mentions her exquisite embroidery skills. Despite this, Savi humbly credits her great-grandmother for the work and states she simply assisted. Samarth’s mother then asks Bhavani if she can test Savi’s skills in some way.

Since she was talkative in the car and is now so silent, Ishaan asks Reva if she is only Reva. Reva says I’m looking for Reva as the star. He says I didn’t understand her. Reva says do not be confused, you’re not with anyone else. He says he didn’t understand. She explains Tara was my sister, who used books and stories. She says I loved the prince coming from Pakistan. Tara wanted to make her mark in the world with her education, whereas I wished to become someone else’s world.

She explains that she was a scholar, while I have always been more of a romantic. She used to be lost in her dreams while I lived in a world filled with fantasies. He asks what happened then? Reva shares that one day, Tara’s life changed forever and she left all of them behind. She mentions how Tara had a life-changing accident a few years ago. However, even though she is no longer here physically, her dreams live on through Reva. She reveals that their mother always wanted them to succeed and make something of themselves. That is why she is determined to fulfill those dreams for both of them. Whenever she tries to search for herself, she finds solace in nature, just as he does.

Bhavani asks Savi to bring Samarth’s mother’s flower pot. Reva asks Ishaan to say and lighten his heart, as she did. Ishaan tells Ishaan that he is walking with the burden of memories, sometimes he feels if the person is missing, or if the relationship we had with her/him is missed. She says it could be both. She assures him that she will not judge him and asks him to share his feelings with her.

He says I understand your pain, our pain is different. He says the one whom you lost, used to love you, but the one whom I lost is my mother. I don’t remember anything about my Aai, he says. I just remember one moment, when she left me crying. The strongest and most sacred relation became a lie when she left her only son because she moved on to get success in her career. Reva grasps her hand and asks him to come back.

It is Savi who brings the pot. Samarth’s mother asks her to keep it. She holds her face and says you looked good in the photo, but face to face…She says your hair is shiny and pulls a little. Savi feels pain. Samarth’s mother asks her if she knows bhajan and keertan. She says she can even dance. Bhavani asks Harini to play a song for her, and Savi is instructed not to dance.

If she wants to dance, Samarth will let her. Savi says she will play some good dance. She plays the song Chikni Chameli and begins dancing, shocking them all. The marriage broker also gets shocked by her dance. Bhavani could not bear to watch the dance. Samarth smiles. His family gets up angrily. Bhavani shouts Savi.

Then Reva asks Ishaan to open his arms wide and shout. She says she won’t judge him. He shouts and cries. Reva holds his hand. He hugs her.


Savi says she wants to say something before this alliance is fixed. Reva and Ishaan are dancing with other couples. The title song plays. Samarth’s father tells Bhavani that his son likes their daughter.


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