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The Episode begins with Bindiya humbly touching Krish’s feet and requesting his blessings. However, Krish questions why she expects him to bless her like a holy sage. Bindiya reminds him that, according to Dadi, a husband is considered equivalent to God. To this, Krish simply responds by stating his name. But Bindiya insists on seeking his blessing again. In reply, Krish advises her to relax and not take things too seriously. Bindiya counters by telling him to also relax and drink the glass of milk in front of them. As they both sip their milk, Krish enlightens her on the significance of giving milk to the groom on their wedding night – it symbolizes the woman’s ability to control her husband. Bindiya then adds that in childhood, it’s the mother who controls the boy and later on in marriage, it’s the wife who takes charge of managing her husband.

Bindiya tells Krish that she will not control him. He then offers her the milk, to which she gladly accepts. Krish playfully comments that Bindiya is foolish for believing what Pallu says. Bindiya laughs and brushes off his comment. She then suggests talking about each other instead and admits that she was being silly to bring up Pallu. She encourages Krish to ask her anything he wants. He asks about her plans for the night, and Bindiya responds teasingly that she will make sure he doesn’t get any sleep. Krish jokes back and tells her not to worry about his sleep or wake up time. Bindiya blushes at his words.

Amma asks Phoolmati why Payal left in the night and she says there must be something wrong, she says. She says I am not lighting the fire. Amma says this time you are not wrong, it is hard to understand Payal and only Bindiya can handle her. Rose asks if you told Bindiya. Dadi says she doesn’t want to make Bindiya worried.

Seeing Krish in pain, Bindiya rubs balm on his head and asks if his pain is gone. Krish murmurs you are the reason for my pain.

According to Vikram, whoever digs the land for someone falls into the same pit. Sakshi says then you should have also fallen down. Sakshi says luck will not always support her and says tomorrow is her first rasoi, and I am ready to spoil it. He asks if you know how to cook. She says she is going to make a dangerous plan, and Baldev will scold her a lot.

Bindiya keeps a hand on Krish’s eyes. Sun Saathiya Mahiya plays…..Krish comes near her and takes off his kurta.

Bindiya asks if you are okay. Krish falls on the decoration and then falls onto the bed with Bindiya. She says he has big teeth like a devil.

As Payal gazes at Krish’s photos, she confidently declares that her plan cannot fail. With determination, she sets Bindiya’s picture on fire, determined to ruin her evening. As Bindiya and Krish exchange glances, she lovingly places her hand on his face while the romantic song “Prem ka rog lagade re” plays in the background. Eventually, Krish falls asleep. In a dreamlike state, Bindiya expresses her desire for this moment to never end. Meanwhile, Payal tries to convince herself that it was all just a bad dream and that nothing has actually happened. She even pinches herself as a reminder, but her injured hand proves otherwise – the truth is that Krish does not belong to her.

Krish betrays me, how could he forget that I had the right to you, and how could you let this marriage happen. She picks Krish and her photos. She finds Bindiya’s photo and says you’ll be Sali and not me. She says you’re smiling in that palace, and I’m yearning in pain because of you. All the problems I’m having are because of you, and she asks why you didn’t die with Maa and Papa. She challenges you and your Ambe Maa that I will make Krish mine.


A call comes in and Krish goes out at night. Bindiya follows him. Payal is standing on the bridge.

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