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Suhaagan 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Payal’s attempt to persuade Amy to take her to the city, but Amy refuses. Payal then tries to bribe her with a sugar paratha, which is rejected by Amy. Meanwhile, Bindiya comes up with a plan to reach the officer, and when she notices his peon putting his bag in the car, she decides to slip her letter inside it and sneak away. As Madan arrives with the officer and they both leave in the car, Bindiya hides in the deck of their vehicle. Back at home, Amy shares her encounter with Payal with Phoolmati and they conspire against Bindiya as well. When Payal knocks on the door, Phoolmati asks who it is but Payal ignores her voice and continues on. Suspicious of what might be happening, Phoolmati hides herself.

She apologizes to her. Amy opens the door. Payal hugs Amy and enters. Phoolmati thinks Amy will make Payal leave quickly. Amy says she won’t forgive her easily. Madan reprimands the driver for leaving the trunk open and steps out of the car to shut it. Meanwhile, Bindiya conceals herself beneath the vehicle. After closing the trunk, Madan returns to his seat inside the car.

Amy applies makeup on Payal, who then admires her joker look and poses a question. Amy responds by inviting Payal to dance. In the meantime, Payal thinks about befriending Amy and possibly going to the City with her. Unfortunately, Master ji notices Bindiya’s absence and inquires about it. His wife then informs him about the argument between Bindiya and Payal. Justifying herself, Bindiya explains the multitude of responsibilities that have prevented her from studying. Master ji advises her to find time for studies regardless. Meanwhile, Payal begins dancing and Amy suggests she try a puppet routine. As she performs, Payal unknowingly sits on Phoolmati who is disguised as a table and ends up pulling Amy down with her.

Phoolmati’s worry heightened as Bindiya returned home. Dadi informed her that Payal was not present at home, prompting Bindiya to offer to check for her. Meanwhile, Payal was massaging Amy’s shoulders when she noticed the table shifting. Before she could act, Bindiya arrived and requested Payal’s company. This led to a heated argument between Amy and Bindiya, with Amy manipulating Payal against her sister-in-law and urging her to leave. Bindiya questioned Payal about her lost sense of self-respect, as she continued to embrace Amy despite her insulting behaviour. In response, Payal pushed Bindiya and caused her to fall before storming off, accusing her of trying to replace their mother figure.


The officer refuses to believe Bindiya. Payal steals someone’s phone to befriend Amy, and Amy records it and says it’s all done.

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