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Suhaagan 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bindiya explaining to Dadi, in front of Madan, how they can contact the officer. Dadi points out that they don’t have a phone. To which Bindiya suggests writing a letter instead. Dadi then reminds Bindiya that her studies are important and questions her about wanting to leave them. Bindiya clarifies that she chose her family over her studies. Expressing her gratitude, Dadi thanks Masterji for teaching Bindiya. In another scene, Amy asks Phoolmati for a pink cycle and threatens not to do any work until she gets one. Phoolmati assures to bring her the requested item and questions if she doesn’t trust her. Amy brings up their strained relationship due to Nani’s presence as a reason why she can’t trust Phoolmati. Meanwhile, while writing the letter, Bindiya’s pen runs out of ink. She checks Payal’s bag for snacks but wonders if they are deceiving her instead.

The next day, Bindiya drops Payal off at school and confronts her. Payal immediately questions Bindiya’s actions, accusing her of touching her bag without permission. Kaki notices the tension and asks if everything is alright. Payal dismisses her, telling everyone else to leave as well. As Amy walks away, she decides to video call Phoolmati and show her the sisters’ argument. Bindiya questions Payal’s disrespectful behaviour towards elders, but Phoolmati is pleased with the situation. Bindiya explains that she is not upset about selling their house, but rather hurt by Payal’s lies. In return, Payal demands that Bindiya give her back her phone. Confused, Bindiya asks why she needs it. Phoolmati interjects, claiming that Bindiya has given Payal a phone addiction. As Payal storms off, Phoolmati instructs Amy to start the fire. Before leaving, Amy mocks Bindiya for looking weak and helpless before walking away as Bindiya cries in frustration.

Her mother’s words tell her to fulfil all her responsibilities. The farmer lady says that everything is happening because of Bindiya; she fought with her mother today. She cries and says she will never refuse anything to Payal. The officer asks them to sign a letter that Bindiya wrote, so they can get water. Kaka gives his thumb impression. Others do the same. Bindiya is delighted.

As Payal arrives at school, she politely asks Pooja to vacate her seat. Amy, who is also present, invites Pooja to sit with her and suggests that Payal find another spot. Payal ends up sitting in the back. As Amy mentions her plans to celebrate her birthday in Kanpur, Pooja responds that she will have to check with her mother first. Confirming that Pooja has a phone, Payal feels disheartened. Meanwhile, Bindiya peers through the window and notices an officer reading a file. Just as he is about to read a letter, he receives a call from his wife. Madan enters the room and catches Bindiya spying on him. He snatches the letter from the officer’s hand and reveals that it was written by his nephew. Outside, he confronts Bindiya and urges her to listen to him since he is 40 years old while she is only 13. He adds that he is better than the villagers and questions why she would want to make their children orphans like herself. He throws the letter onto the ground and walks away as Bindiya becomes upset.

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