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At the start of the Episode, Bindiya considers confiding in Masterji about her problems. However, his wife interrupts and offers her tea. She mentions that Master ji is out of town and won’t be back for a while. Bindiya decides to leave, but Masterji’s wife advises her not to visit anymore because he neglects their son when she is there. Bindiya stands up, tears in her eyes. Masterji’s wife implores her to keep quiet if she has any dignity left. With sadness in her heart, Bindiya departs. Meanwhile, Payal embraces Amy/Rose and proclaims their bond to be stronger than that of sisters. Amy announces that she is planning a trip to Kanpur for her birthday and will be staying at a hotel. She invites Payal to join her on the journey.

Payal is delighted and agrees to come. Phoolmati receives the video from Rose and is pleased to see Payal cheating in class. With just three more days until their planned event, she marks the date on her calendar. At the samosa shop, Rose buys three samosas and quickly grabs them before the seller can hand them over, pretending to have stolen them. She presents them to Payal, claiming that she has committed theft. Payal scolds her for her actions. Rose then suggests that Payal should go steal something herself, revealing it as a popular prank in the city.

Payal comes to the shop and steals chocolates and other items while Rose records everything while Bindiya is walking and thinking of all her problems.

After Bindiya regains consciousness, Kaka invites her to return home while he takes care of her farm. Without hesitation, Bindiya gathers her belongings and departs. Amy inquires if Payal has collected all the items, to which she confirms. She goes on to mention that stealing brings them joy. Suddenly noticing Bindiya’s arrival, Amy puts on an act and suggests they go shopping in the city, excited to have a new friend. Payal proudly proclaims Bindiya as her sister and embraces her, revealing their close bond. Confused by this revelation, Bindiya expresses surprise at having another sister. However, Amy playfully addresses Bindiya as Mason instead of her real name. As Payal speaks to Bindiya with an air of superiority, pulling away from their apparent closeness earlier on in front of Amy. Feeling hurt by the sudden change in attitude, Bindiya reveals a bag from school and prompts Payal if it jogs any memories for her. In response to Payal’s abrupt departure request, Amy declares that their friendship is over.

After returning home, Payal accuses Bindiya of being jealous because Amy has become her friend. She also blames Bindiya for behaving badly. Bindiya questions Payal about why she sold her school bag. In response, Payal explained that she no longer needed it since she didn’t have pencils or books anymore. This news makes Bindiya cry as there are already many other issues going on, such as Lallan causing trouble and Mama’s return. With tears in her eyes, Bindiya expresses how she could never fight with Payal. Eventually, Payal leaves and Dadi expresses her concerns about what Payal might do when she grows up.

Later, Bindiya brings food for Payal and expresses her concern to Dadi that if Payal goes to bed without eating, it will not be beneficial for her. Bindiya then talks to Payal about her actions, but Payal defends herself by saying that it brought her happiness. Bindiya suspects that this may have been taught by the new girl at school. However, Payal defends the girl, saying she is wealthy and she enjoys going to school because of her. She then asks Bindiya for a phone, but Bindiya explains that she will have to wait 1-2 years before getting one. This makes Payal realize that she will have to deceive Amy about the phone. As Bindiya washes the dishes, she wonders what the next step should be.

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