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The episode begins with Bindiya confiding in Dadi about her dilemma. She then reaches out to Payal, who becomes upset. Observing Bindiya’s bag, Payal takes action the following morning by heading to school early. Similarly, Dadi informs Bindiya that Payal has left for school. As fate would have it, Payal runs into a scrap merchant and makes a quick sale of Bindiya’s bag and books for 60 Rs. Just as she turns around, she spots Bindiya arriving at the scene. In a rush of panic, Payal flees before being seen by Bindiya who bends down to remove a nail from her slipper. Suddenly, Lallan appears on his bike causing Bindiya to take notice.

Lallan inquires why Bindiya has not received her money yet, suggesting that perhaps she no longer needs it. In response, Bindiya explains that she plans to visit the Zilla parishad officer for assistance. Meanwhile, Madan, riding on the back of Lallan’s bike, assures him that he will be four steps ahead of Bindiya’s arrival. Upon reaching the office, Bindiya is informed by a peon that the officer’s PA has been in an accident and things are moving slowly as a result. The peon directs her to someone else instead. Bindiya then enters a cabin where she sees a man sitting behind a desk and proceeds to explain her water problem. As the man moves his file away from his face, Bindiya realizes it is Madan and not her aunt’s husband as she previously thought. He reveals that he orchestrated the PA’s accident and now holds his position as well as control over Lallan and the officer. Attempting to leave, Bindiya is stopped by Madan who brandishes a knife and threatens her while confessing his obsession with taking possession of her farmland. Bindiya manages to escape from him in fear.

As Amy Rose enters the school, Payal greets her by mentioning that she always indulges in chips. Curious, Amy asks if Payal owns a mobile phone and questions whether she is wealthy. Payal confirms that she is indeed affluent and has a mobile. However, Amy has doubts about her claims. Meanwhile, Bindiya is on her way home when she spots a page from her book scattered on the road. She enquires with the chaat vendor who informs her that he got it from the scrap dealer. Determined to find out more, Bindiya visits the scrap merchant who reveals that Payal had sold him a bag and some books. This comes as a shock to Bindiya and she wonders why Payal would do such a thing. In an effort to retrieve her belongings, Bindiya offers to pay for them and requests the scrap merchant not to sell them.

As the teacher approaches her chair, she instructs the students to present their homework books. Payal begins to worry, realizing she may have forgotten to complete hers. Quick-thinking Amy suggests taking a page from someone in the back and tearing it out to stick into her own book. Despite initially refusing, Payal eventually follows through when Amy convinces her to do so. Little does Payal know, Amy has been recording their interaction all along. When the teacher calls on Payal, she proudly displays her completed homework. However, when asked about the handwriting, Payal fibs and claims it belongs to Bindiya. Of course, Amy captures this on video as well. As Bindiya comes over to talk to Payal, another teacher intervenes and sends Bindiya away. Returning to her seat with a sly smile on her face, Payal sees that Amy is also grinning mischievously.


Amy tells Payal that she is happy to have her as a friend. Payal calls her sister. Bindiya comes and asks Payal to come. Amy does not want to talk to Mason.

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