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The episode begins with Bindiya desperately searching for employment, pleading to both people and to God. Finally, a man approaches her and offers her a job in acting for television and films. Bindiya is unsure of her abilities, but the man assures her that he will provide the necessary lines. However, for this opportunity, she must agree to give him a percentage (initially 60%) of her earnings. After some negotiation, they settled on 40%. Meanwhile, Madan, Rekha, Phoolmati, and Bhim brainstormed ways to gather information about Bindiya’s whereabouts. Rekha suggests using Payal as a means of finding out. This leads to their plan of kidnapping Payal while Madan follows her in a car and Phoolmati executes the kidnapping. Needless to say, Payal is taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

A boy smears mud on Bindiya’s face, prompting her to question if this is for a television or movie role. Another young man appears and instructs the children to feign hunger whenever someone visits the temple. The kids dutifully comply, clutching their begging bowls. Shocked by this manipulation, Bindiya watches as the young man dismisses the children. He then turns his attention to Bindiya, raising his voice in anger. Fearful, she flees from the scene and breaks down in tears. Her father’s words echo in her mind as she convinces herself not to give up. Meanwhile, Rekha threatens to lock Payal in the dog kennel unless she reveals Bindiya’s whereabouts. However, Payal refuses to betray her friend and reveals that Bindiya has gone to Belapur. Phoolmati prepares to unleash the dogs but is interrupted by Bhim’s arrival. Madan questions Payal about what she would do without her life (referring to Bindiya). In response, Payal bravely stands her ground and tells them where Bindiya is located. As they all mock and jeer at her suggestion of reporting to the Sarpanch.

Bindiya cleans the cars at the signal and gets some money. Madan and his evil team come and laugh at them. Phoolmati says Bindiya has only earned tears, not money. She says she is doing work for a beggar and my brother would have died seeing this. Madan scares her telling her that Payal must be trembling right now. Bindiya runs from there. Phoolmati says Bindiya will do something in the night. Bhim says he has a plan.

The truth is told to Payal by Dadi. Dadi asks why she said it. Payal says she had to tell them the truth because she was scared. Bindiya hugs her. Payal said she had to tell them because she was scared. Bindiya says she doesn’t mind. Madan asks Phoolmati if her aim is good. She says she is Lady Arjun. Madan appreciates Bhim’s plan. They wait outside Bindiya’s house, and Phoolmati holds the catapult. Bindiya says they have 150 rupees and have to earn 450 rupees in one day.

Payal and Dadi offer to assist her as she heads out to sell tea. Bhim discreetly signals Phoolmati, while Bindiya and Payal enter the kitchen to get some food. Phoolmati taps on the window with a rolled-up paper, catching Bindiya’s, Dadi’s and Payal’s attention. They all rush to the room where the window is damaged. Bindiya opens the paper and discovers a 5 Rs note, along with a message of support. As Bhim watches from the kitchen window, he slyly stirs the sleeping medicine into the dal using a spoon. Madan, Phoolmati and Rekha exchange knowing smiles. A shocked Bindiya emerges from the kitchen.

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