Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2023, Written Update on

Manjiri offers Abhir a laddoo and asks him to take a seat. He greets Aarohi who inquires about his health. Abhir hands her a note with Ruhi’s name on it, mentioning that in the pink space is for him and the blue space is enough for him; he would never take away her poppy from her. Aarohi remarks that Ruhi doesn’t like seeing Abhir and Abhinav together; she doesn’t want to talk to him. Her worries are noticed by Manjiri who makes an attempt to cheer him up. On the other hand, Akshu scolds Abhir for buying expensive shoes for Abhinav, accusing him of not being able to afford them himself. He justifies his act by saying he did it out of love.

She expresses her pride in Abhir and expresses a desire to maintain his habits. She makes it clear that she does not come to scold them, but just for advice on buying gifts for him, as he could suffer from their decisions. He apologizes and acknowledges that their love and hatred have no limits. Kairav realizes he has forgotten his file and Muskaan informs him of its whereabouts, and he thanks her for retrieving the essential document.

A gentleman warmly greets Kairav, extending congratulations on his new project. The ladies also join in, offering their greetings to Kairav and inquiring about Muskaan. The girls see her salwar suit and say you are from a village. Just because you both wore formal suits, doesn’t mean she’s from a village, she’s from Kasauli, you judged her by the clothes, she didn’t judge you, she’s more intelligent, women can wear whatever they want, no one can judge her. He takes a call.

Abhi plays with Ruhi and Abhir. Abhir asks Ruhi where his boat is. Manjiri asks them to have fruits. Ruhi says the butterfly isn’t flying, but it’s feeling low. Abhir gets sad. Manjiri says to eat the fruit while playing. Aarohi looks on. We’ll take a picture. Ruhi says my hair looks bad. Abhir says yours do, you look so cute. She says no. Abhir says I have to go home. She says bye. Abhi asks why so soon. Manjiri says to go later. Abhir says drop me.

The girls spruced up the orange juice for Muskaan, who quickly gulped it down. Manjiri wanted to know why Abhir was eager to leave; had Akshu taught him something? Abhi replied that she is simply being reasonable. Upon getting Neela’s audio message, they offered her a different drink, which made Muskaan dizzy. The girls then suggested Kairav should take care of her. He arrived and gently held her in his arms, enquiring if she was alright before asking her to wait till they get home to discuss important matters. His demeanor showed he was angry over something; Muskaan attempted to explain herself before passing out. At that moment, Abhinav came back home and everybody got worried about the situation.

Abhinav hands over the money for Abhir’s new shoes, explaining that he had to beg his boss for an advance. Surekha tuts and remarks that he should have just taken money from the family rather than make a scene. Akshu agrees, adding that he ought to take it easy while working hard to pay his dues. Manish supports her suggestion with a glass of juice while Kairav turns up carrying an inebriated Muskaan in his arms, leaving everyone stunned.

Aarohi says I have to go home. Manjiri asks is it okay, don’t you like it here. Abhir says he loves it, but Ruhi gets upset, saying Aarohi was right. I will not meet Abhi then Ruhi will play with me. He says she said Ruhi doesn’t want to share Doc Man with anyone, so she’s angry. Don’t worry, she’s your sister. Abhi asks Abhir to come. Abhir doesn’t hold his hand and goes. Aarohi also follows him. Manjiri sees Aarohi angrily.


Abhinav says I’m trying to earn money for my son. She says you’re trying to get equal to Abhi. She sings the aarti… She speaks to the lawyer. Abhi says I don’t mean to offend anyone.

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