Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

After reaching home behind Sahiba, Anand tries to explain to her that he is unaware of how Seerat got to the farmhouse. He calls Keerat. Keerat asks Angad if it’s okay to call her later if it’s not important. Keerat informs him that Sahiba’s birthday is tomorrow. Keerat agrees to attend the surprise party Angad will throw for Sahiba without telling Sahiba and Anga thanks her for informing him.

After walking into the house, Sahiba recalls how Seerat loved Angad. Gurleen asks her why she came home when her mother is severely ill instead of staying at her parents’ house. Sahiba, surprised, asks who told her that. Gurleen says Seerat told her about it when she was going out in a hurry.

While Angad tries to speak with Sahiba, she appears to be sleeping. Angad says he wants her to question him or do whatever she wants, but not act asleep. Sahiba feels a headache. Angad asks if he should apply balm. She switches off the light and doesn’t reply. In the morning, Seerat unpacks her bag and fumes recalling Sahiba’s interference when she tried to lure Angad.

Sahiba enters the room, and Seerat comments, “Think of a devil, and she’s here.” She questions why Sahiba has come to that place. Sahiba asks why she lied to Gurleen that she was going to her parents’ house as her mother is ill and went to meet Angad at a farmhouse instead. She refuses to answer, and Seerat misbehaves with her. Sahiba insists that she tell Angad why she was lonely.

In light of the fact that her husband left her, Seerat says she wanted to lighten her heart and meet Angad. Sahiba says she can talk about her sorrows with her. Seerat claims her husband left her because of Sahiba, and she was about to marry Angad when Sahiba intervened. Because Seerat eloped before the wedding, Sahiba says she had to marry Angad, and now Angad is her husband. She wants to know why Seerat went to meet him at the farm house rather than at her house or office.

It is clear that Seerat does not wish to answer. Sahiba sternly warns her to keep her limits in mind, and then walks to Angad to tell him to remind Seerat about her restrictions. Angad says he will do so when the time is right because he does not want to upset Seerat. Sahiba opens up about Seerat’s deception regarding their mother’s illness and other matters. Angad, unwilling to engage in conversation, inquires if she is upset. Sahiba clarifies that she isn’t upset and announces her intention to meet Simran.

Sahiba showed up at the orphanage and asked the warden to let her see Simran. The warden declined and replied that Simran had already left with her newly adopted parents. Sahiba was filled with doubt as she walked away. Suddenly, Inder came by and accidentally passed her. She was busy on the phone and didn’t take note of him. He then went over to the warden and requested for her to call Simran, yet the warden told him there was no one there of that name forcing him to leave. He dialed his detective next, informing him that he was misinformed about Simran being in the orphanage and asked for his assistance in trying to locate her quickly.

She contemplates the need to keep Simran hidden until the adoption process is finalized. Meanwhile, Angad looks for Sahiba’s cake online and considers asking for Keerat’s assistance. Seerat notices this and starts her emotional theatrics. On the other hand, Sahiba engages in a chat with the kids at the orphanage. The kids inquire why they miss Simran if she is still in the orphanage. Sahiba suggests that they take her to see Simran. However, their interaction is interrupted as the warden arrives and prevents Sahiba from going further.


Sahiba tells Inder that Simran is the person he was looking for in Punjab, but she won’t accept her. Inder asks her not to reveal Simran’s illegitimacy to Manveer and Angad. Angad is shocked.


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