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Faltu Episode Update

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Dada ji says, “I want to establish my company in this city. I don’t know a lot of people here, and I want staff here. Faltu has already won my trust, saving Neil’s life already.” Dada ji says you reached there by fate, so Charan agrees to stay back until Faltu’s work begins. He explains, “Faltu isn’t willing to go with me. I’ll feel relieved if she stays here. Please take care of her; I don’t trust anyone else to do so.”

Dada ji says she’s like my granddaughter. Charan thanks him and says I’ll leave tomorrow morning. Dada says let me serve you. Charan says no, I’d rather leave. Faltu thanks Charan and says don’t worry about me. Neil leaves. Sumitra asks Tanu where Sid stays. She says you’re concerned about Ayaan, so you don’t have time for him.

Sumitra cautions Tanu, emphasizing that everyone is just trying to think of Ayaan’s best interests. She adds that Sid has left for work, before departing herself. The Inspector proceeds to inform the two of Faltu and her dad, who was being harassed by some goons, and how a mystery fellow stepped in and advised the police. The officer wasn’t aware of Faltu’s presence, however, and enabled her to leave. Sumitra immediately wonders if it was Ruhaan causing this act of kindness; on being asked by the Inspector to submit a photo for comparison purposes, the answer turns out to be ‘no’. She asks who else it could be before requesting the Inspector to trace any autos that may have been used in the incident and update Ayaan accordingly.

He cries when he sees the divorce papers. Ayaan apologizes for the hurt I have caused you. She says you have taught me to stand up for myself. I will always be grateful to you, and I won’t forget her dreams. Charan thanks Dada ji and says I will leave now. Dada ji says I’ll get her into a cricket academy. Charan says that can’t happen because there were so many things that happened. Dada ji says I’ll speak to her once, knowing how painful it is to break dreams.

In the early hours of the morning, Kaka says Faltu is nowhere in her room. Charan asks where she went. Neil comes. Dada ji stops him. He says Faltu will come back. Neil says she has run away, yes. Dada ji says she may have gone jogging. Neil jokes. Charan says she plays cricket well, watches her videos on the internet. Neil asks if that’s it. Faltu put the papers in the postbox.

Savita assures Janardhan not to worry. Janardhan then instructs Ayaan to get ready quickly. Spotting Faltu, he calls out to her. However, security intervenes and stops her. Faltu manages to break free and runs away. Janardhan informs the others, “Faltu has come outside, but she doesn’t want to come here.” Upon hearing this, Ayaan urges them to stop her. They all leave in pursuit of Faltu. The guards report that she has escaped, and Ayaan scolds them for their failure.

Janardhan says I saw Faltu. Ayaan asks why she didn’t come here. Janardhan says I saw her near the letter box. Ayaan gets the papers. He checks them. He sees the divorce papers signed by Faltu. He says Faltu signed the divorce papers. Tanu smiles. She says she broke up with you, she didn’t meet you, she didn’t want to see you. As a result, he says she won’t forgive me ever.

Faltu says you stay happy in your life. Charan worries. Dada ji says I’ll buy her a phone. Neil shows Dada ji Faltu’s videos and says she’s popular, don’t worry, she’ll come. Dada ji says yes, she’s coming. Faltu comes and says I gave Ayaan the divorce papers alone. He asks why you went alone. She says, “I wanted to do it myself.”

He asked whether she had met Ayaan. She replied that she had been posting the papers when Janardhan caught sight of her and that she had to make a run for it, since if he knew they’d be sending her the divorce documents. Neil then enquired why Dada Ji was so tense, to which he responded that they have had a meeting set up with Ayaan; the Mittals unaware that she is staying there, and uncaring as to her well-being. Neil urged that they not dwell on personal matters and leave them to handle them themselves; they should instead talk about business and hurry with their preparation. Charan thanked Dada ji, who declared Faltu’s house his whenever he wishes to visit. Faltu considers starting afresh in his life.


In response to Tanu’s statement, Ayaan tears the papers and says he won’t let Faltu leave. Faltu holds Neil in his arms to save him.

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