Faltu 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

She cries. Ayaan comes and consoles her. He says I will always stand by you. Faltu says Savita’s thinking is so bad that she will go after Ayaan for money. I can’t see the family upset, don’t fight them, I wish them well. He says I know, come here. She walks away and says don’t ever get romantic.

It is Sumitra who comes to Janardhan’s room. She gets the drawers. She gets the Kundlis. She says I need Ayaan’s Kundli to uncover Ayaan’s truth.

During your state-level matches, you must give your best, I will coach you, you will have to perform well in local matches, and you must focus on me as well, I will not give coaching for free. We will speak to your dad, then we will practice. Ayaan says don’t let the stress affect your game.

He hugs her. They smile. He says a lawyer might have come to sign the documents. She says I don’t have money. He tells her to come. Tanu and Ayaan sign divorce papers. The lawyer says the court will accept the divorce if the situation doesn’t change. Sumitra encourages Tanu to make a new start.

Tanu goes. Sid asks the lawyer to get the divorce done as soon as possible. He says this is for Ayaan and Tanu, they have seen much sorrow, so I want them to be happy. Tanu comes. Sid says I have explained everything to him, so there will be no delay. Tanu asks him to wait for five minutes. Sid leaves.

Tanu asks if the documents have been signed. The lawyer says yes. She smiles. She says you lock the file, this divorce won’t happen, Ayaan and Faltu will get married soon, they won’t know in which trouble they will fall, and you will get the money back.

Tanu says I will see how Ayaan marries Faltu after he has a wife. Sid looks on and says Tanu is so clever, she lied to everyone in order to get sympathy. The lawyer leaves. Tanu says I will see how Ayaan marries Faltu once he has a wife. Sid says I won’t let your plan succeed, they have to unite so that we can unite. I’ll get Ayaan and you divorced, just wait and see.

Faltu comes and asks why you called me. Ayaan asks her to practice. She asks do you get a shock after signing divorce papers, think of Tanisha. He says he knows she is feeling bad, but she accepted, she won’t stay happy in one-sided love, he doesn’t want to lose this good thing happening.

Sanam re…plays…. Faltu doesn’t play well. He says you’re not a good player. She says you haven’t taught me anything. He says really, I will teach you today. He says I’m practising. She says stay away, anyone will come. He says let them come. She says anyone will see. He says let them see. They have an eye lock. Tanu gets angry.

A call comes in. She says we’ll practice later. He says it’s from the office, Dad called me urgently, I had to take you shopping tomorrow, we’ll buy some clothes. She says she doesn’t need it. Ayaan says I didn’t mean that. Tanu says I’ll take Faltu shopping. Faltu says he doesn’t need to change.

Faltu decides what to do. Ayaan goes. Tanu convinces Faltu to come with her. She says you didn’t think about me once, that’s okay, you’ll never get Ayaan, just this happiness.


Savita gives Faltu money and asks her to leave. Faltu says, “You will never be able to pay the price, listen to me.”.

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