Faltu 7th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode starts with Ayaan waiting for Faltu. Dadi grinds the haldi. She talks to her bahus. She says I’m doing this for Ayaan’s haldi ceremony. They get emotional about Ayaan’s marriage. Kumkum says it’s his life’s biggest day. As Savita says, I have dreamed of this day for long; he has suffered greatly, and he will have his own family.

Upon hearing Dadi’s reply, Kumkum says, “I mean responsibility.” Savita agrees that he is his dad’s life. Kumkum replies, “Stop crying now, you’ll become Sasuma.” Faltu hides when they see her. She says, “Did they see me, how do I go out?” Ayaan gets angry and waits for her. Faltu climbs down the pipe. She prays. Ayaan sees her and worries. Sumitra wakes up because of Govind’s snores. She listens. She goes to see. She sees a shadow and becomes scared.

Faltu gets down and Sumitra wakes up Govind saying she has seen a Chudail. Ayaan suggests that Faltu holds onto him to prevent her from falling. He also tells them to stay quiet as the Chudail could hear them if they spoke. Govind moves forward to investigate but finds nothing; Sumitra questions if it had left. To reassure her, Ayaan tells Faltu that their aunt will take care of it so no one will know of her presence. Agreeing, Faltu reminds them that someone must be there for the haldi ceremony and Ayaan responds by mentioning Alok can handle it if need be. He then encourages Faltu to take twenty rounds on the road while they all run off together.

Alok says everyone woke up and preparing for haldi. Bua says anyone can notice that Ayaan and Faltu aren’t at home. Ayaan and Faltu run on the road. Mohabbat fanaa…plays…. They come to the beach. She says it’s a big lake. He says it’s a sea. It’s a big lake, he says. She says yes, I knew, I just wanted to know, there are also big fish there. He says yes, it’s the Arabian sea, and it will fulfil your dreams here. Boys see him and run toward him.

The boys ask Ayaan if she is your girlfriend. Ayaan says she is not. Faltu looks at him. He is teased by the boys. Ayaan says she is my good friend. She says her name is Faltu Singh. The boy laughs. She says Faltu Singh, and she plays cricket well. The boy asks if Ayaan will play with him. He says yes, sure. Faltu asks what you’re doing, your haldi function is there, aren’t you running late? Ayaan says, “Get going, come on!”.

During her preparation to bat, Faltu hits the ball. Ayaan says to focus. She bats well. He says good shot. Faltu says she had fun after playing well after a long time. She says Ayaan will buy me a new ball after hitting a sixer. The boy asks Ayaan for help, they do not have cricket gear. She says Ayaan will buy me a new ball. If you are committed to your game, and practice hard, then you can buy a new kit with this money.

The boys thanked Ayaan. He humbly replied, saying he was no Lord and that they should strive to become like Sachin. He continued, telling them to have breakfast at Martins, in which he had already spoken. Faltu praised the man before him for his kind gesture; something he had not seen amongst the selfish people of his village. Ayaan dismissed such praise, stating he was merely a medium and that they must fight their own battle. Her curiosity piqued, she asked what battle he spoke of; Ayaan sadly disclosed that while his life was first-class with no pain or hurt, tears still rolled down his face.

The precap:

Faltu says she’s going to play a match today. Ayaan says she has to get selected for Mumbai women’s cricket academy.

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