Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Keerat devises a plan to gain the judge’s attention. Veer asks if she is sure her plan will work. Keerat confidently tells him to pretend to hit her, creating a scene to divert the guards’ attention. Veer is hesitant, but Keerat insists it’s necessary. They enact the drama, successfully drawing the guards away and signalling Sahiba to enter the judge’s house.

Sahiba sneaks into the house and starts searching for the judge. The judge’s wife notices her and assumes she’s a journalist. Sahiba clarifies her true intention, expressing her urgent need to meet the judge. The wife inquires about an appointment, to which Sahiba responds negatively. She calls the guards, and the judge comes out to see what’s happening. Sahiba introduces herself as Angad’s wife and Akaal’s daughter-in-law. The judge reveals that Angad tried to bribe him but got a warning instead. He questions the motives of Sahiba and Angad, to which Sahiba insists on her Daarji’s (Akaal’s) innocence. The guards interrupt and ask how she entered. The judge scolds them and orders Sahiba to leave. Sahiba stands her ground, sharing the belief she was raised with, that even if 100 culprits go free, not a single innocent should suffer. She eventually leaves the premises.

Back in her room, Seerat finds Garry angrily throwing her clothes on the floor, claiming his phone charger is missing. She defends herself, saying she kept all the old chargers in the store room. Garry continues to be aggressive, throwing her perfume bottle, and asking her to fetch his charger from the store room.

When Sahiba returns home, Jasleen taunts her about her seemingly easy life with art classes and wandering around. Sahiba defends herself, stating that she is trying to seek justice for Akaal. The family becomes hostile, verbally abusing her, and Angad joins in. Sahiba shows them a ring worn by the imposter in the video, stating that she never wore such a ring. Seerat discovers the same ring in a storeroom cupboard while fetching Garry’s charger. Seerat confronts Sahiba, accusing her of lying and creating drama for sympathy. Sahiba is puzzled and denies knowing how the ring got there. Garry claims that Sahiba placed it there and is pretending. The Brar family also yells at her. Sahiba questions Angad if he, too, believes she is capable of such deception. Angad, as expected, supports his family, causing Sahiba to challenge them to prove her innocence. Garry recalls listening to Sahiba and Keerat’s conversation and placing the ring in the store room. Jasleen notices his suspicious expression.


Sahiba introduces a girl as a daughter of the house to the Brar family. Jasleen questions Sahiba’s new drama, and the girl claims that her father lives in the house, leaving Sahiba to suggest that he will reveal his identity soon, leaving Garry tense.

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