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The episode starts with Tanu urging Ayaan to move on in life and stop his negative actions. Dada ji consoles Faltu, saying that Neil isn’t a bad person at heart, and thanks her for her help. He requests her to give him a chance to treat her well. Faltu replies that she is fine and appreciates Dada ji for considering her well-being. Tanu contacts Ruhaan and informs him that Ayaan will soon find out that she sent three waitresses to kidnap Faltu. Ruhaan is surprised and asks how that happened. Tanu shares the details and expresses her belief that Ayaan’s misunderstanding will be cleared, and he will try to bring Faltu back. However, she warns Ruhaan that the police will soon reach him, and he must do something to protect himself.

Neil becomes angry with Faltu, and feeling hungry, he starts eating chips. Faltu arrives and watches him. Tanu inquires about his arrival, and Sumitra reveals that she came while Tanu was discussing Ayaan. Tanu inquires if Sumitra is upset with Sid, but Sumitra denies and asks about the conversation she was having earlier. Tanu lies, saying she was talking to a psychologist for Ayaan. Sumitra points out that Ayaan isn’t at home, and no one knows about him. Faltu interrupts Neil from eating unhealthy food and playfully jokes with him, resulting in an argument. Dada ji intervenes and supports Faltu, saying that she did the right thing by stopping Neil from eating junk food. He advises Neil to have boiled food, considering the important meeting he has to lead.

Neil complains about the decision, but Dada ji stands firm, reminding him of the reason they shifted to the house. Neil gets upset and leaves. Tanu is worried and tells Sumitra that she wants to check where Ayaan has gone. Sumitra reminds her that she is married to Sid, not Ayaan, and she should stop ruining Sid’s life due to her obsession with Ayaan. Tanu insists she’s doing all this for the family’s happiness. Sumitra sarcastically suggests that Tanu should focus on family planning and give them a child to make them happy, just as they were when Kinshuk had his child. Faltu decides to leave, but Dada ji stops her, encouraging her to stay and find a good job. He offers her a job in the family business, but she is hesitant and doesn’t want to take his favour.

Meanwhile, Ayaan goes to the office and comes across a deal with a shoe company, having a strange feeling about it. Faltu assures him that she doesn’t want to take his favour. Dada ji decides to arrange a guest room for Faltu and advises her to wait for the job details until his bahu (daughter-in-law) and son arrive the next day. He believes that Neil’s bitterness will soon disappear and they will get along well. He receives a call about getting their money back, and he believes it’s a sign that Faltu coming back is right for Neil.

Ayaan calls Janardhan to inquire about the owner of the shoe company and then decides to set up a meeting with Brijmohan, a senior businessman. Ruhaan comes to meet Ayaan. Faltu thinks of Ayaan and decides to move on.

Precap: Charan encourages Faltu to visit Ayaan’s house and clear her name of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Govind discloses that Ayaan is in tears and confessing his mistakes involving Faltu. Ayaan eventually arrives and states that he has finally discovered the truth.

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