Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Update: Ruhaan reveals his past

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ruhaan confidently asserting that Faltu is a wonderful person and Ayaan has no other choice but to stay away from her. Ayaan, furious, threatens to punch Ruhaan for his audacity and warns him to watch his words. Unperturbed, Ruhaan proclaims that Ayaan will never get Faltu back, insinuating that Ayaan’s love was not strong enough to keep her. He claims that with little effort on his part, everything fell apart, and Faltu left Ayaan to choose him instead. Meanwhile, Kaka engages in a conversation with Faltu, expressing his belief that fate brought her to him, though he wonders where her path will lead her now.

Ayaan calls out for Faltu, but Ruhaan casually replies that she is asleep and has grown tired of Ayaan’s family, who have burdened her with their demands. Ayaan insists that she cannot do this and demands that Ruhaan bring her outside. Ruhaan dismissively tells Ayaan to calm down, reminding him that the house does not belong to him. Grateful for Kaka’s support, Faltu thanks him and suggests that he return home, as his family must be waiting for him. Concerned about her future, Kaka inquires about her plans, to which she responds that she will stay at the temple. He proposes that she accompany him instead, but she politely declines, citing her gratitude for his prior assistance and the worry it would cause his family. Kaka reveals his loneliness, explaining that his wife passed away due to COVID-19, and his son and daughter-in-law live in America, leaving him with no one but the people he encounters on the streets. He advises Faltu not to cry, expressing his satisfaction in finding a good-hearted girl like her, stating that he has no complaints and considers her like his daughter. Concerned for her welfare, he insists that young girls should not live on the streets and encourages her to either return home or seek shelter with a friend or relative.

Ayaan, filled with frustration, yells and shatters a glass object, prompting Ruhaan to reiterate that Faltu is sleeping and pleads with Ayaan to understand the situation. He promises to keep her happy and questions Ayaan’s motives, suggesting that his actions stem from a desire for revenge. Shocked, Ayaan asks why Ruhaan would seek revenge on him. Ruhaan reveals that he is seeking revenge against Ayaan’s father, Janardhan, and discloses that Janardhan is responsible for his father’s death. Ayaan is taken aback by this revelation.

Meanwhile, Faltu requests Kaka’s assistance in finding a job, explaining her limited education and her determination to secure a home for herself. Kaka mentions that his friend requires a salesperson and suggests that she apply for the position. Faltu admits she does not have a phone, so they agree to meet at the same spot the next day.

Ruhaan narrates the tale of his father’s suffering to Ayaan, who initially dismisses it as nonsense, refusing to believe that his father could harm anyone. Ruhaan advises Ayaan to return home and question Janardhan about Avinash Sachdeva, an expert in deceit. He reveals that Janardhan referred to Ruhaan’s father as a friend and borrowed money, unaware that his friend would leave for Mumbai without looking back, leaving Ruhaan’s father in financial ruin.

Suddenly, Kaka feels dizzy, but Faltu checks on him and assures him that she can handle the situation. She offers to come home and cook for him, while he can discuss her job opportunity with his friend. Gratefully, he accepts her help, and they leave together.

Ruhaan asserts that Janardhan has cheated him, explaining that moneylenders have tormented his father. He claims that Janardhan has robbed him of his childhood, his father’s dream of a normal life, and, as a result, he seeks revenge. Ruhaan declares that if he cannot be happy, neither can Ayaan. Disbelieving, Ayaan accuses Ruhaan of lying and blaming Janardhan for his misfortunes. Ruhaan orders Ayaan to leave and taunts him to confront his father, insisting that Ayaan will find out the truth. Ayaan vows not to let Ruhaan escape his wrath and exits the scene.

Meanwhile, Sumitra wakes up Sid and Tanu, urgently informing them that Janardhan is missing, having gone to meet Ruhaan. Curious about Janardhan’s actions, Tanu inquires further, but Sumitra is unaware of the reason behind his visit.

Faltu accompanies Kaka to his home, where he shows her the small yet well-kept house, explaining that he maintains it just as his late wife used to. He kindly offers Faltu a place to stay for as long as she needs. Faltu expresses her intention to spend the night there and offers to make soup for Kaka before he rests. She asks him to guide her to the kitchen, expressing her admiration for his beautiful home.

Meanwhile, Savita informs Dadi that Ayaan has disappeared from the hospital. Worried, Savita threatens the doctor, vowing to shut down the hospital if Ayaan does not return. Kumkum tries to console her, while Sumitra expresses her confusion about the situation.

In the kitchen, Faltu begins cutting vegetables and reveals her interest in playing cricket. However, she quickly corrects herself, stating that she used to play but can no longer do so since the cricket association has banned her. Brushing it off as a lengthy story, she focuses on the task at hand, seeking guidance from Kaka regarding the meal. He advises her to rest, but she insists on being fine and compliments him on his lovely home.

Janardhan receives a shocking update from Sid, who informs him that Ayaan is missing. Janardhan explains that he had intended to meet Ruhaan but had to rush to the office upon receiving a call from his staff. Determined to locate Ayaan, Janardhan prepares to leave, but Ayaan arrives home before he can do so. Ayaan greets everyone and reassures them of his well-being. Suspicious, Janardhan questions him about his visit to Ruhaan. Savita interrupts, demanding Ayaan’s attention and urging him not to provoke her. Concerned family members anxiously await Ayaan’s revelation. Ayaan declares that his chapter with Faltu has ended and that she is now happy with Ruhaan. Tanu, wearing a satisfied smile, listens attentively. Meanwhile, Faltu becomes the victim of a kidnapping.


Ayaan concludes that Faltu is content with Ruhaan and their relationship has come to an end. Tanu appears pleased with this news, while Faltu gets abducted.

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