Faltu 30th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Ayaan asking do you love me or not, yes or no. She asks him to come back, everyone is waiting for him. She shouts. He asks yes or no. She cries. Faltu says I got my answer, maybe you don’t love me, I was foolish to have hope, like I promised, you will never see my face again.

She falls down. She sits crying and shouts, “Why did you do this to me?” I can’t live without you. Please come back. I love you very much. She smiles and turns. She sees Ayaan. He recalls falling over the mattresses arranged by the chawl guys. He says I love you too. She runs to him. She beats him. He says I love you. They embrace. Ayaan holds Faltu in his arms. Shiddat banalun plays… He lifts Faltu and takes her.

He says I know you have found a new place, you don’t need to go, you will come home with me, that’s final. She says no, think about Tanisha and your family. Tanisha accepted that we couldn’t unite, so why don’t you accept? She apologized for her mistakes, she wants us to unite, divorce is just around the corner, don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone, it’s high time, you should know that I’m serious about you.

My dad says I can’t stay at your house because Tanisha is your wife, we aren’t married, and I didn’t tell him. Ayaan says who said we have no relation, it is my life’s special relationship, we will talk to your father, and he will agree, and my dad is upset now, he is my dad, he will agree to see me happy, Maa is coming today, my happiness means a lot to her, she will handle everything.

Getting Savita’s call, he says he has a lot to tell her. She asks him to come home. Dadi asks Savita not to steal Ayaan’s happiness. She says he has lived a dual life; we should be happy that he chose one.

What’s wrong, Ayaan has to give his life to Janardhan if Janardhan asks. Savita says so what, Janardhan gave him his name, what’s wrong? When Ayaan asks Faltu to come, Faltu says she doesn’t want drama. He says he’ll fight for you. Savita smiles. They leave. Dadi and Savita argue. Savita says Ayaan isn’t the blood of this family, and Dadi scolds her.

Then Tanisha says Dadi is right, we should support him, he is happily married. Savita says sorry, I will talk to Ayaan and fix everything, divorce won’t happen, you will always be my bahu. Tanu asks will you force him, he doesn’t love me, how can you see Ayaan and me living unhappy? Dadi says you’re right. She asks Savita to understand and agree, Faltu is a lovely girl, and she will quickly learn our customs. We won’t get equal to Tanu if we make Faltu our bahu by leaving Tanu.

After Tanisha told me Ayaan liked her, I decided to get divorced, Ayaan and I will sign divorce papers, and once Ayaan and Faltu get married, I will also move on, and I will leave this house forever.

Ayaan brings Faltu home. Janardhan shouts stop, this girl cannot come here. Ayaan asks where will she go, I love her, and I can’t leave her wandering, she’ll stay at the guest house until we’re married. Janardhan says you’re married to Tanu, keep that relationship going. I’ve called her dad. Charan calls him.

Faltu cries when Charan scolds her. Ayaan says listen to me. Charan says I’m talking to my daughter. He says I was proud of you today, and I can’t show my face to anyone. He scolds her. She says forgive me. Ayaan asks what happened, what were you thinking? She says Dad will think I cheated him. He calms her down.


Kanika gets revenge on Faltu after Tanisha signs the divorce papers and asks Ayaan to contact Faltu’s father.

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