Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st February

Ghum hai kisike

1st February 2023 written episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein on

She looks upset and asks where Vinu dada is since she promised to bring him home, as Sai sits silently crying. Savi asks where she has been and why she is late. When she finds Vinu, she asks Sai why she didn’t bring him home. She takes the phone from Sai and cries, hugging her. Savi asks how she’s doing. Sai thinks how to tell her that Vinu couldn’t be brought home, and Usha was right that Virat would still support Pakhi, and Virat did the same and told her she did not have a right to her son.

Virat returns with Vinu and Pakhi. Ashwin and Bhavani emotionally pamper Vinu, but Virat prevents them from confronting Pakhi. They went to a party with mamma, but baba brought them home. Sai tells Vinu how much she loves him and how important he is to them. After Vinu says he will go out daily, Bhavani tells him she will never let him leave her sight.

When Vinu asks Ashwini what she’s doing, Bhavani says she’s performing Vinu’s nazar. Vinu asks from whom. Bhavani looks at Pakhi and says Ashwini is protecting him from nazar. Vinu wakes up to find Ninad standing at a door staring at him. Vinu asks why Ninad is there. Ninad says he surprised them yesterday. Ashwiini walks in and takes Ninad away.

Then Bhavani comes in and gifts him the gold necklace and pendant of her husband. He says he feels sleepy and she could have gifted it later. Bhavani says it’s already late. Omkar walks in next. Vinu says he can sleep now. Omkar is taken out and Pakhi sings him a lullaby by Bhavani. When Pakhi sees Sai calling Vinu, she switches off the phone. Virat walks in next and notices Pakhi’s tension. He returns to his room and recalls Pakhi refusing to give Vinu to Sai.

She remembers Virat’s support for Pakhi and humiliation of Sai as she walks towards a lawyer’s office. She asks for custody of her son. Virat drives away and shouts in frustration. A lawyer asks Sai if she made a decision not to return to her husband on her own after the accident and when she learned of her pregnancy. Sai apologizes and says Vinu is Sai’s son, but if he hadn’t supported Pakhi, she would have shot herself.

The lawyer asks if Pakhi raised Vinayak after adoption. Sai says yes. The lawyer says they cannot bring a case in that case. Sai says Vinayak is her son. As the surrogate mother did not return to her husband after marriage, she adopted Vinu without realizing that he was their biological son, and since the surrogate mother and father cared for her son, she cannot sue them legally. Sai asks if she can’t get her son back legally. The lawyer says no.

After dreaming about Pakhi running holding Vinayak and Savi’s hands, Virat learns it was Sai. Sai says she has been waiting for him, they can stay together now. Virat holds her hand. He wakes up murmuring Sai’s name to Pakhi.

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