Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th June 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th June 2023 Written Update on

Amba walks into the room ready as a bride, and Sai asks Vijendra/Viju kaka what task he needs to finish before surgery. Sai asks Vijendra/Viju ka what the task is. The 30-year-old incomplete task of marrying Amba and bringing her into his life permanently is now complete by Sai. Viju thanked his chuiya Sai for fulfilling his dream. Sai asked him to fill Amba’s hairline. Bhavani stopped them and Amba asked what she was doing.

Sai says Amba came to bless her elder sister. Everyone claps and takes selfies with Viju as he fills Amba’s hairline with vermilion and he fixes her mangalsutra. Amba touches Bhavani’s feet and takes her blessings. Viju is taken to the hospital. Bhavani yells at Amba that she will never forgive her for becoming an unmarried mother and ruining the family’s dignity, that she came here just to warn Amba, she would have blessed any stranger, etc.

She says she feels lucky to have a daughter in law like her and thanks Sai for her great help. She used to think Sai was lucky to marry Satya, but now she feels Satya is lucky to marry Sai. Virat feels sad hearing that. Viju’s surgery has been completed and he has been transferred to a hospital bed fully conscious. Satya asks him how he is now.

Viju says he is his son, Amba says she is his wife and they will rebuild their new memories. Sai imagines old Virat on a hospital bed not recognizing old Sai, but he is still a family. Satya comforts her and says he knows she got emotional when she saw Viju’s condition. She thinks she loves Virat and can’t handle something similar if it happens to him. Sai’s closeness to Satya makes Virat feel sad, and he thinks she is getting farther away from him because of her closeness to Satya.

Amba and Satya take Viju home after some time. Virat panics when reminded of the hospital incident and breaks things. Ashwini rushes over to him and asks what happened. Ashwini says time will heal his wounds and asks him to have patience. Virat says he can’t forget Sai, but he tries to forget her. As a result, Virat has taken the decision to live with the pain of separating from Sai.

Inspector Kadam notifies him that a wanted criminal has been spotted in a bank. Without hesitation, Virat races to apprehend the criminal. Meanwhile, Ninad searches for his phone and heads towards Ashwini. Fearing that Virat may be headed towards another bout of depression and put himself in danger yet again, she pleads with Ninad to stop him. However, Ninad reassures her, stating that Virat is capable of handling his own issues. Upon arriving at the bank, Kadam fills Virat in on the situation inside. Unconcerned with any possible danger, Virat charges into the bank without heeding the warning. Unfortunately, he is shot by the criminal. In a state of panic, Ashwini prays that her son will make it out unharmed – realizing that her initial fears were just figments of her imagination once again.

As Satya prepares to return to his job the next morning, Amba tells him that she is taking Viju to Nasik to a rehabilitation center where alternative therapy is used for patients like Viju. Sai says she is doing well. She recommends that Sai consider taking her relationship forward with Satya and wants to hear good news when she returns home. She asks Satya to pray for Viju’s speedy recovery in a temple. Satya agrees.


Satya hears Ashwini apologize to Sai for forcing her out of Virat’s life and asks her to stop Virat since he has taken a transfer and is going far away from them.


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