Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba explains to everyone not to get angry with Sai. Ajji says Sai made a beautiful modak. Sai, Satya and Saavi arrive for breakfast. Satya and Saavi eat the food. Sai serves them the food. Satya says if she takes a leave from the hospital, I’ll get bored at the hospital. They smile. Amba says you’re newly married, take a leave.

It would be auspicious for you to do the Kuldevi puja at the temple today, Amba says. The new bahu has just arrived at home, so I was considering taking you both to the temple. Ajji says yes, we have already prepared for the puja. Saavi says her mother can’t come, it’s my PTM today. Amba wants to know if you want to keep the duty or if you’re a namesake bahu.

PTM has already been decided, Sai says, we will go in the evening. Satya says yes, I have a surgery scheduled, so we will go in the evening. Saavi asks if I should come. Ajji says yes, you’re the Lakshmi of our house. Amba says no excuses in the evening, come soon. Virat calls out Vinu. He says it’s his PTM today, he should be prepared.

Aruni explains that he declined the invitation, mentioning that he wouldn’t attend until his mother arrived. Ashwini tries to make them understand that he dislikes them to such an extent that he is causing harm to himself. He asserted that he wouldn’t eat anything until Paakhi came. However, Sai called him and convinced him to have breakfast. Sai calls him and asks who she is to say this. She says she is Vinayak’s mother, thanks her for giving Vinayak food. He says she has burned my family and left, and the other one blames me. I didn’t completely lose Sai.

At the school, the teacher says Saavi has come first in every subject. Sai smiles. Saavi says yay, I came first. She goes to meet her friends. Sai asks if Vinayak came second. Sai asks whether Vinayak has come second. His performance was bad this term, and his attendance was poor, so how could he perform so poorly? He says his health hasn’t been great. The teacher says his mother or you can understand his problem since kids lose interest in studies once, then they don’t return.

Sai says do not worry. I’ll handle it for you. She leaves. Saavi asks why Vinu won’t be coming today, Sai says I’ll call him and ask. Sai says no, he’s not fine. Saavi calls out Satya. Satya takes her in arms. Virat looks on. Saavi says I got first place in my class. He says we should celebrate. Sai says yes.

I came to return Sai’s phone, Satya says. I will drop Saavi off at her class, Sai says thanks, we’ll go to the hospital. Saavi kisses Satya and leaves. Virat holds Satya’s collar. Satya says you can’t misbehave with me. Virat says you have already snatched my wife, now you want to snatch my daughter. Sai arrives to see them.

Satya holds her hand and asks if she is okay. Virat scolds him. Sai comes there running and stumbles. Sai asks who are you, I won’t leave you. He’s keeping your respect, so he’s not answering him. Sai says Satya isn’t standing behind a woman, his wife is standing with him. Sai and Virat argue. Saavi looks on as Virat says she is just my daughter, I am her father.

Sai inquires about Vinu and requests to know what Satya did to eliminate his suffering. She wonders if he is attempting to locate his mother, cautioning him not to react with fury and destroy everything in the process or else it might cost him dearly as Vinu desires his mum back. Sai grasps Satya’s hand and they make their exit. Then in the canteen, Satya converses with a doctor familiar with Virat and marvels why he acted like this, assuring them that she and Sai will handle him together. The doctor then playfully interrogates how these two met, to which Satya responds it’s quite a complex story.

The doctor says you got married, so call me home for a treat. The nurse says why not, Satya jiju. Doctor says yes, yes, right. The nurse jokes about Satya. Doctor says there is much confusion, so call us home. Satya says fine, I’ll speak to Sai and confirm. The doctor says to take it, ask the minister. Satya calls Sai. Nurses ask for a treat. Doctor tells Satya we’ll be at your house tomorrow. Satya says fine, it’s fixed.


A man asks Bhavani why her bahus leave the house and run away, that you advertised Paakhi missing in the paper. She says Sai did it. Virat sees Sai and Satya.

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