Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st March 2023

In response to Amba’s question about whether Sai is married, Dr Satya stops her. Amba is tired of convincing him to marry her. Satya asks her to let him leave peacefully and asks Sai if she would like to accompany him to the hospital. Sai says she will go alone. Amba tells Satya to let go of the past and start over.

Amba stops Sai and asks her to suggest Satya get married and describes the importance of marriage when he rides his bike recalling his moments with his girlfriend who asks if he will get serious after she leaves his wife. When Virat notices Sai’s dupatta getting trapped in the cycle wheel, he pulls it away just in time. Despite Virat’s efforts, Amba continues to scold him for pulling an unknown girl’s dupatta. Virat says he knows Sai well and her dupatta was stuck in a wheel, so he had to pull it out. Amba continues.

Sai stops him and says she knows Virat well and asks her to keep shopping. Amba leaves. Virat asks who the woman was. Sai answers Satya’s mother and asks why he came there. He returns her phone and warns her to stay away from him.

Paakhi meets an advocate and asks if he fights civil or criminal cases. Advocate says both. She says both. Sai reaches a hospital where senior doctor Survase tells her that the medical council will arrive at any time, but Satya has not yet arrived. Satya left a long time ago, Sai says.

Sai asks if Sheetal finished the tasks she gave her, but she says no. Dr Satya left with Nurse Sheetal. Medical council members walk into and meet Dr Survase. He offers them a beverage. They refuse and insist on going directly to the inspection. Survase introduces them to Sai and the nurse.

A member inspects the labour room and finds that surgical equipment is not sterilized. She asks who is a gynaec here. Sai says she is. The member reprimands Sai for her careless behaviour and questions her credibility. Sai fails to explain what happened. The doctor says that when their labour room is not sterilized, how will they handle medical cases?

Satya walks in and says their hospital is well-equipped to handle any medical case. A member identifies him as the youngest member of the Indian Medical Council, stating they do not need to worry if he is in the hospital. Satya says he can show the member the whole hospital. The member tells Sai not to feel bad, as it is part of her job.

Satya reprimands Sai for taking his nurse away during duty hours without informing her, putting her in a tough situation. Sai walks to Satya’s cabin and says she understands. Sai advises him to keep his professional and personal lives separate and not interfere with her work.

When she returns to her cabin, Sheetal apologizes for what happened today. Sai reprimands her for failing to perform her duties and putting her in such a difficult position. She revealed that she is a single mother since her husband died 2 years ago due to COVID; when she informed Satya, he rushed to treat her son; a goon troubled her in her area, so Satya dropped her off at her home and made sure that good was arrested. Sai offers her water to calm her down and apologizes to Satya for not letting him know about her situation beforehand.


Virat tells Sai that her school presentation went well and the winner is.. Virat says today’s winner is Dr. Vinayak Chavan. Everyone claps for her. Paakhi says she is proud of her son and extends her hands to hug him. Instead of embracing Paakhi, Vinu hugs Sai instead, leaving her disheartened.


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